Why Travel to Europe?

Europe is one of the most popular places in the world. Millions of people from all around the world visit this continent every year. The travel within Europe is quite exciting and interesting. This continent has a wide range of countries and different cultures for the tourists to explore. There are various reasons that make the travel within Europe very exciting. Some of the reasons are the historical importance, the scenic beauty, the cultural richness and the unique culture of each country.

Some travelers to Europe want to experience everything that Europe has to offer like the history, the arts, the architecture and many more. Therefore, they want to get the education about the place. For this purpose, they should take part in some short or long educational courses about the place. In the European Union, all the countries have made it mandatory to carry the informative brochures about the place.

Some other traveler wants to know about the travel restrictions. They should know that the passport of an international traveler needs to be valid and he cannot enter some specific countries. Certain countries have certain entry requirements that have to be fulfilled before traveling. The traveler can check the website of the European Commission to get the latest information on the entry requirements of any country. He should also try to find out the information about the country from the airlines because they often have information about the same matter.

Some airlines have introduced some new restrictions for the Europeans. Some airlines have stopped the service for the people travelling under the Visa Waiver program. For the people who have a Visa Waiver card, they do not have to go through the visa formalities. But, in the case of people who do not have a Visa Waiver card, they need to apply for the visa before travelling.

Certain countries like Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and others are included in the so-called Schengen visa-free area. These countries are able to offer their citizens with visa-free facility for traveling within the Schengen area. Some people find it good to travel to Europe by using these countries as their gateway. Travelers can enjoy the benefits of having visa free facility to visit these countries for a longer period of stay. This is the reason why the number of tourists visiting this area is increasing rapidly.

A large number of tourists from Asia, America, and other countries come to Europe to enjoy their vacation. Some of them intend to spend their whole vacation in one country but they also want to visit different countries. For this purpose, they take help of visa and travel permits through the Schengen area. In Europe, every citizen is allowed to enter without any visa if he has a valid passport or green card. The Schengen visa works in favor of people from Asia, America, Canada, and many other countries of Europe.

When we talk about the visa and travel permits of Europeans, they have to abide by all the rules and regulation of the EU. Some people say that there are still some problems associated with the visa issue in Europe but there are still many improvements that are made regularly. The biggest problem is the presence of some people who abuse the freedom of travel in Europe. There are many cases of overstaying or illegal entering of citizens of the United States, Canada, Britain, and other European countries.

Many Americans, Canadians, and British nationals living in the European countries like Britain, France, and Spain face the problem of overstaying because their visa does not allow them to stay for more than 90 days. They are sometimes arrested by the immigration authorities for overstaying. There are also some businessmen who migrate from the western countries to the Asian countries in search of better job opportunity. But still, there are many businessmen who chose to live in Europe permanently because of its highly developed economy, highly developed healthcare systems, and quality of life that is just not available in the United States and other western countries. In a nutshell, Europeans are welcoming American, Canadian, and British expatriates despite the presence of various restriction laws on the entry of non-immigrant citizens of these countries into the EU.