Why to Travel to USA – Consulate visa For Nonimmigrant Purposes

Tourist visa to USA is basically a non-immigrant visa usually for travel to USA. Tourist visa is also called visitor visa or B1/S visa in the United States of America. To apply for a tourist visa to USA you have to be a citizen of USA, holding a passport or having a green card.

Travel to USA

If the main purpose of your visit is for tourism, medical treatment, visit family and friends or to study in USA, then you can apply for a tourist visa to USA easily by following certain steps. Firstly you have to decide the purpose of your visit to USA. After this you need to find out the Rules for foreigner coming to USA by obtaining information from the Department of State, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security or Visa Division of United States Department of State.

The next step is preparing your documents like passport, visa number or immunization records etc. Next step is to find out the procedure of getting the visa and related requirements. Finally you should submit your application form along with relevant documents to the concerned office. On submission of your application form the applicant will get an approval in as little than ninety days

Nowadays there are various online sources available which facilitate easy processing of visa and related formalities. There are some travel agencies as well as some tour operator’s companies which facilitate visa on arrival or e-passport program for tourists coming to USA. Electronic passport is one such method which is proving very popular among the tourists coming to USA these days.

The electronic passport is issued by the concerned authority or any other government department which is authorized by United States Department of State. Electronic passport helps the concerned person to obtain healthcare in US whenever required without showing his proof of medical treatment. Electronic system of obtaining Medical Treatment is in use in USA. You can visit the American health department for more details regarding b-2 visa. When you visit the USA to avail medical treatment you should have valid medical insurance or passport which is valid for travel to USA and your treatment too.

It’s a must to check out the details regarding Visa. Visa is not needed when you are traveling to USA for tourism purposes only. But if you are traveling for business purposes then you need to check the necessary documents for processing your visa. For this you need to contact any of the agent or agency and collect all the relevant information related to Visa. After collecting all the required documents you should proceed towards visa consultant for getting your passport renewed or new passport.

There are many advantages of getting an immigrant visa from USA consulate. First of all it saves your money that otherwise would be used for getting a tourist visa from the USA. Secondly you can stay for a long duration of time with your family as you get an opportunity to work in American Consulate. Thirdly getting a nonimmigrant visa is easier than getting a tourist visa. You can find a US consul in any major city of United States, which is well known for its excellence in issuing visas.

But it is not possible for every person to apply for an immigrant visa from USA consulate. There are many reasons like lack of knowledge about Visa, failure to satisfy requirements, lack of ability to pay amount, etc which restrict people from successfully traveling to USA under this visa category. If you want to stay in USA without any difficulty then you can get an immigrant visa easily. You just need to prove your identity, age, nationality, and other necessary requirements.