Why Should I Travel to Europe?

The most famous cities in the world are those which Americans Travel to Europe. Paris, London, Rome, Vienna, Prague, and Budapest are just a few of them. And, if you are a seasoned traveler, then you have probably already made it a point to visit at least a couple of these before your next trip. This article is a simple summary of some of the best cities in Europe for Americans to Travel to.

Travel to Europe

Vienna (erentziviert mit schwedem human) – Vienna is the capital of Austria and is located in the Carinthia Region. It is here that the first European confederacy was formed, beginning in Vienna in 1991. Since then Vienna has continued to be one of the most popular locations for Europeans to travel to. Tourists are required to obtain vaccines for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Rubella, and Mumps on a regular basis. If an American is traveling to Europe and does not have this Hepatitis vaccination due to the restrictions placed by the US Government, they will be required to receive Mumps vaccine on arrival, which is not allowed.

Spain (Spain) – The beautiful country of Spain is home to Spain, the crown jewel of the Spanish continent. Travel to Spain and enjoy the intoxicating Spanish ambiance. While backpacking throughout Spain, be sure to register your vaccines for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Rubella, and Mumps.

France (aulle francaise} – The other country that features as one of the top cities to Travel to Europe is France. Travel to France starts in October, when the French open their door for tourists to come and celebrate the traditional carnival. The following month, travelers will be able to see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and various other historical and art museums.

Italy (italia) – Travel to Italy and you are going to experience an entirely different Italy. It is one of the most romantic, charming, and historic European countries in the world. Travel to Italy in October, the first day of October, and enjoy the Palazzo Reale. The Palazzo Reale is a five star hotel and museum, which are reopened after seven days. You can witness the grandeur of the castle gardens, the ancient streets, and the amazing tastes of the Italian cuisine.

Poland (Poland) – Travel to Poland and you will be able to experience the history of one of the most intriguing and important central European countries. The Warsaw Pope is the head of state and is a favorite among Americans for his personality and stance towards religion. In spite of this welcoming attitude towards religion, the government in Poland has implemented some travel restrictions for the US citizens. These restrictions affect all American citizens that are traveling to Poland, as well as all EU citizens that are traveling to the country.

Denmark (Denmark) – The Danish people are incredibly hospitable. You will get the chance to meet Denmark’s rich history, as well as Dane’s contemporary culture. The Danes are open to foreigners who want to explore their countries and learn about its fascinating history. There are many attractions, including museums and theaters, where you will be able to enjoy non-uese speaking visitors.

Other European countries that are considered very important by Americans when it comes to traveling to include Austria, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and the Sweden. All these countries have something unique to offer their visitors. The activities, festivals, and tourist sites vary according to the place and can sometimes take much longer than planned. The good news about travelling to Europe is that all these places are accessible through air travel, train travel, or boat travel. All of us citizens of the United States are allowed to travel around Europe for as long as we want.