Why Do People Travel to USA?

Tourist visa to USA is a six-month Nonimmigrant visa approved for travel to USA. Tourist Visa is also calling visitor visa or b1/b2 visa for the country of United States. To get a tourist visa to USA, you need to apply at the consular division of the American embassy in your country. You need to fulfill the eligibility criteria and prove that you are coming in with the intention of visiting USA for tourism or educational purposes. The time period to apply for a tourist visa is three months from the date of arrival.

If you are coming in with the aim of tourism, you will have to apply for the tourist visa before going to the USA. If you are coming in with the aim of education, you will have to apply for the nonimmigrant visa. In both cases, the processing will take about ten days to one month. You will not get any kind of benefit if you apply for tourist visa online. You will have to apply either at the port of exit or at the port of entry for the temporary visa.

The processing time is almost half as opposed to b-2 visa, which takes two weeks. The benefit of tourist visa is that you can stay for a longer period of time if your stay is extended. This is especially true for the family members who have the right to stay with you even if you are away from home. You will get relief from the penalties and taxes in USA if you have been staying legally in the country for more than six months.

There are three ways to get a tourist visa: by approaching the US embassy or the representative office, by visiting the consular division or by visiting the American consular office directly. You need to visit the consulate for filing your visa. However, the visa approved by the consulate cannot be used for the purposes of vacationing or business. The consul will issue the visa only after checking all the details provided by you. If you are planning to visit the USA for business purpose, you may approach the headquarters of the business organization directly.

There is no particular schedule for getting a tourist visa if you are coming in to the USA for tourism purpose. You have to check with the American consular officials and the American embassy for the latest updates. You will be able to find the most effective mode of traveling to USA for 90 days for tourism purpose by paying the right price. You should go for the flights operated by the direct flights for getting the cheap travel to USA option. You will have to check with the fares of different airlines so that you do not miss on any deal that comes on offer.

Your visa application for the Visiting United States will get rejected if you are traveling without a passport. The main reason for rejection is your failure in providing the required information regarding your name, surname, present and future employment, contact information, age proof, passport number etc. You should carry with you your valid passport along with the original application form. It is strongly recommended to have two passport photos if you are traveling to USA for tourist purpose. This option will help you get the good reason for getting an immediate visa.

If your friend or a relative is traveling to USA with you then you can also approach the US consulate for getting the visa approved. However, this option will take some time and you will need to be patient. You will have to visit the consulate to apply for the visa. If you do not have much time and want to get the visa approved as soon as possible then you should contact your close friends or relatives who have already obtained a visa as a visitor.

There are many websites on the internet which provide the details regarding the different types of visa. You will find out which type of US visitor visa is best suited for you. If you do not know which type of visa you should apply for, then you can check the site of the consuls who will assist you in applying for the appropriate visa. The US consuls will tell you the rules and regulations regarding the visa. You will have to fill in the application form and submit them to the visa division.