What To Know When traveling to USA From UK

Why should you travel to USA? What are the major reasons? There are many reasons why you should travel to USA. The country offers a wonderful tourist’s destination, which has been enjoying high popularity among the visitors from all over the world.

Travel to USA

Travel to USA is Subject to Gateways & Visa Waivers British citizens cannot enter the USA or its territories unless they have previously been in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Schengen zone or Iran, Cuba within the last fourteen days. As for citizens of European Union member states, you can freely travel to the USA provided you hold the necessary visa and other travel documents. If you do not possess any of these, you will require the help of the British consuls to get your visas. There are certain visa rules and procedures for citizens of EU as well.

Book Your Passport & Travel To USA The first step towards getting a passport is to apply for an entry permit. In order to be eligible for the visa, you should apply for an immigrant visa in the same way that you would for a non-immigrant visa. Once the application for the immigrant visa has been made, you will receive a copy of your passport by mail. It is important to keep your passport for longer periods of time as the duration of stay depends on the validity of your passport.

Passports of citizens of EU countries are valid for three years. British citizens who obtained their citizenship in UK and wish to travel to the USA may obtain a British visa by visiting their nearest British embassy. On the other hand, citizens of Australia and Singapore may also get a visa by traveling to the USA via Hong Kong or Macau. In addition, if you are a citizen of IRA havens such as Ireland, you may obtain a US entry permit by traveling to USA through Ireland.

Book Flights to USA The next step is to get an airline or travel agent to book flights for you. You can either choose to book your flight in person or online. If you opt for booking your flight in person, you must book your flight early as the prices drop during off peak hours. This is because many airlines do not operate during the holiday season.

Holders of Non-US Passport For citizens of some countries, it may become necessary to obtain a non-immigrant visa in order to travel to the USA. There are certain cases when spouses with US citizenship may face difficulty returning to the USA if their partner is not a US citizen. In such situations, the spouse may obtain a green card upon arrival in the USA. In such cases, they can remain in the country legally as long as they hold a valid visa and green card.

Quarantine If you or any member of your family has a serious disease that is not common in the USA, you should be quarantined. This is often referred to as “Mandatory Quarantine”. The procedure is also known as “Heathcare Quarantine” in some states. Quarantine means that you or members of your family need to be removed from the unites state or place where you plan to travel to USA. For those with a contagious disease, they should be quarantined for one to three days upon arriving in USA.

USA does have their own National Health Service (NHS) which is a better alternative for travel to USA when it comes to diseases. The NHS is a better option, especially when it comes to diseases like AIDS and polio. However, flights to USA from UK are not covered under NHS as the British Airways and British Airway provide completely different services. However, passengers who travel from other European countries to USA may be entitled for NHS if their destination country is part of the European Communities (EU).