Visiting the USA

Before embarking on a trip to USA it is wise to get informed about various aspects of travel to USA. First you should check the weather forecast for the next four or five days. Rain is almost a certainty in USA. Prepare yourself accordingly. The weather stations in USA do not have telephones reception. You will have to depend on others to get your calls answered.

Get yourself ready in advance by contacting your home country. This calls can be made through the American consulates in your home country, or through the American embassy in your city. They may even have information on US airlines operating between Canada and the USA. In some cases, you may receive e-mail information regarding travel to USA. Information regarding American Airlines and Canadian Airlines operating between the USA and Canada may also be available via e-mail.

When travelling to USA, it is advised that you carry a copy of your birth certificate along with your photo and valid secondary health insurance card issued in your country of origin. The copy of birth certificate and the valid secondary health insurance card should be presented with your passport at the customs clearance desk. It is advised that you carry more than one copy of your birth certificate and a copy of your secondary health insurance card with you because if your application for admission is refused, you will have to produce these documents in addition to your passport. In case of an electronic passport, you will need to produce originals of these documents in addition to your passport.

If you are from Canada and wish to stay in the United States, you need to obtain a valid US visa. In most cases you will need to get a visa in person at the port of entry. Some exceptions to this rule are for students or business travellers who are within a twelve-month validity period from the month of your first arrival in the United States, provided that you have a valid US work permit and can prove that you are permanently intending to reside in the United States. Tourists who are from Mexico, Canada or Germany are not eligible for visa on arrival but are eligible for an immigrant visa, subject to fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

For those travelling from Canada or Mexico, you will have to visit New York or Los Angeles before arriving at the port of entry. You can apply for an immigrant visa by visiting the nearest US consulate. Once you have applied for an immigrant visa, you are required to submit an application accompanied by your passport and proof of funds. Once your application has been accepted, you will be issued a temporary visa which will allow you to stay in the USA for a specified period of time. Once your period of stay expires, you will have to apply for a new visa.

Pursuant to the law of the united states, each state is sovereign and does not accept the competency of another state. Consequently, each state is responsible for establishing its own laws and jurisdictions. Therefore, if you are travelling from Canada to the states of Texas or Oklahoma and are from Mexico to the state of Arizona, you will need to check out with the nearest embassy of Mexico and find out whether your Mexican visa will be accepted or not. Similarly, if you are travelling from Germany to the states of Illinois or Iowa, you will need to find out whether your German visa will also be accepted. The procedure is very similar to that of non-US residents applying for a visa to the US

Immigrants from among the countries of the European continent can travel to the USA without obtaining a visa, provided that they can provide documentary proof of their identity, nationality, and lawful permanent residency. In the case of immigrants who are from Europe and are looking forward to visit USA for a limited period of time, they will have to obtain a visa even though they are not eligible for the LPR status. This is done because the US government treats all European citizens as immigrants regardless of their nationality irrespective of whether they have acquired the LPR status or not. In order to apply for an immigrant visa to the USA, one has to file the visa form with the USCIS by paying a fee called Naina Fees. This is a waiver and not a legal waiver which mean that if the applicant gets denied visa, he will not be able to appeal against the decision to the US immigration authorities.

However, if you are from outside the USA and intend to stay in the USA permanently or wish to visit the US mainland, you cannot enter the country without first acquiring self-isolation, which is available at various ports of call across the USA. Self-isolation is valid for three years and may be renewed by submitting an application. After receiving the immigrant visa, you can start planning for your visit to the US mainland or visit Mexico anytime. But be sure to book flights to the USA from Canada so that you can have a much easier time visiting the USA.