Visa for Traveling to USA

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Visa for Traveling to USA

USA Visa. A non-resident who wishes to enter United States of America has to apply and get a Visa unique for his purpose of visit. The Visa is issued/placed in the visitor’s passport. Certain foreign nationals who can’t obtain visa for other reasons can apply for Visa for tourist purpose. The Visa may also be granted by the US authorities on the request of the foreign nationals who want to visit the United States or on the basis of emergency.

There are many kinds of US Visa types available for various purposes. Visa for tourist purpose is one such type. The purpose of Visa varies from country to country, but generally tourists have to get a tourist visa in order to visit the United States. Normally the process of getting a Visa in United States is very lengthy and complicated.

You have to go through the whole process of applying for a US Visa for tourist purpose when you are staying outside United States. If you do not have a passport and you wish to visit the United States, you may obtain a nonimmigrant visa called “self-isolation”. For obtaining a US Visa for “self-isolation” you need to follow some simple steps. You can get a free Visa card from the US consulate in your country. It is also possible that the US authorities can issue you an immigrant visa based on the reason for your visit.

There are many benefits of visiting the United States. Besides getting a tourist visa you will also be able to visit some national parks, monuments, lands national parks etc. Visiting these places of interest will be a great idea for a break or as a vacation. But if you are a person who needs to travel in USA for work then you need to go through the visa process for visitors to USA before you leave for your trip. To get a visitor visa for “business purpose” you need to complete an application form for a foreign guest. You should not forget to fill in your application in the prescribed manner because it contains all the details regarding your work and home details.

When you are doing your application for “visitor visa” for “business purpose” in the United States you will have to comply with all the rules and regulation of US immigration law. First of all you need to complete and submit an application form with required details. After this you need to appear in an immigration court for processing. In case if the immigration court refuses to grant you visa then you will need to reapply. In case if the court grants you visa then you need to complete the remaining part of the requirements.

To get a US visitor visa you also need to produce another form called EAD or Employment Affirmation. This form is also required for getting a nonimmigrant visa. For “visitor visa” there are certain paper works which are to be produced by the concerned authority of the immigration office. You can get all the details from the concerned offices or even online.

For visiting friends and relatives you do not need any visa. All that you need to do is to get their visa number and then visit them. People applying for “visitor visa” for “business purpose” also need to produce some other documents like proof of income, registration fee of business and also passport. Foreign students studying abroad also need to provide a copy of their school degree certificate and their university exams proof.

For people applying for “visit visa” for tourist purpose you need to give information like your name, mailing address, telephone number and email. If you want to stay longer in USA and work here legally then you can also apply for an immigrant visa. If you have any old passports you should take them with you while applying for new one. There are many ways to get a US visa; you can hire a private agent who can guide you through the process or you can follow the procedure of applying yourself.