Visa Details for Citizens of India and Pakistan

Travel to USA is not subject to visa requirements if they’ve been to UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Panama, Brazil or China in the past fourteen days. Visa on arrival permits you to pass through the port of call for the port of your choice upon arrival in the USA. Visa on departure permits you to travel around the USA for a period specified by the Department of Homeland Security, however, you may only pass through the port of origin for that nation. Both kinds of visa are valid for tourism purposes only.

Travel to USA

When travelling outside the US, there are additional formalities to be followed to acquire a visa. Such as application and inspection of the documentation proving that you are legally present in USA. The Department of State issues nonimmigrant visas, which are valid for a specified period of time and can be renewed online via the Electronic Certificate of Eligibility (ECE). The most common types of nonimmigrant visas are: Nonimmigrant visa for business, visitor and tourist purposes, employment-based visa, protection from criminal prosecution, student and employment visas.

Entry into the USA can be obtained through a variety of methods, including flights, sea, land and air. Passengers who boards a plane can pass through immigration without a visa if the flight is operated by a US Airways company. Air passengers can enter the country by securing a boarding pass. On land, passengers can pass through the border at the south and east of the United States, as well as over the high fences along the Mexico border.

Passengers who board buses, trains or cars can gain temporary entry into the United States through their countries of citizenship. Passengers with valid documents of citizenship of a country other than the USA can also enter the country if they have valid reasons. An example of this is a student visa for college students or family members who are US citizens or green card holders. Students can obtain a student visa by meeting specific requirements, such as proving that they are full time students or having a dependent relationship with a parent who is a US citizen or a permanent resident of the US. A green card holder is eligible to apply for an immigrant visa regardless of their age.

Those who cannot qualify for a US Passport due to age, lack of one, or inability to provide proof of citizenship can still travel to USA through other means. There are many airlines that offer trips to USA for those eligible to apply for a US visa. For instance, Indian Airlines offers flights to Chicago from New Delhi. There are also air freight services that offer service to Chicago from any part of India. Similarly, Air India and Kingfisher Airlines offer airfares to USA from various parts of India, including Agra, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai.

If you are a legal permanent resident of USA, or you intend to apply for an immigrant visa, then you may not be allowed to stay in the USA once you arrive in the country. If you do not have any eligible visa for stay in the USA, then you may be able to apply for an immigrant visa by applying for a ‘permutive’ visa. To qualify for an immigrant visa, you must first register with the IMMERSE (immigrants admitted in lieu of removal) program. You need to do so only after having completed your study in a country other than USA. Under the IMMERSE program, you are allowed to stay in the USA while you complete your studies in the country. The duration of the stay can extend up to fourteen days.

However, if you have already completed your studies in USA and wish to stay in the country, then you need to register with the NIEB (National Interest Outscome) category. To apply for the NIEB visa, you need to visit a consular office and fill out an application form. After being approved, you need to return to USA and appear at a Removal hearing within one month from the date of application. Only those individuals who receive a green card based on the basis of the NIEB classification are allowed to stay in the USA legally by applying for a green card.

Besides, there are other measures for treating a NIEB as a lawful permanent resident of the USA. An NIEB can apply for adjustment of status if he or she is in continuous employment. In addition, an NIEB who has been a dependent of a US citizen for more than six months can apply for adjustment of status as well. An NIEB who is a dependent of a person who is a US Citizen, Green Card holder, or a dependent of a US National can apply for adjustment of status for the spouse only. Similarly, an alien spouse who is the lawful resident of USA can also apply for adjustment of status of their marriage to become a US citizen.