Visa Approved For Fast Travel to USA

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Visa Approved For Fast Travel to USA

If you travel to USA by air, sea or bus there may be several requirements you need to fulfill before you get a visa. Firstly, you should apply for an immigrant visa. After this, you will have to get a nonimmigrant visa. For this you will have to follow the procedures of the naturalization and then after that you will have to adjust your status. This entire process may take around three years depending on the duration of your stay in USA.

Travel to USA can be divided into three sections namely: land, sea and air. In case of landing in USA by land, you will not have to go through the visa procedure but only need to present proof of identification. US immigration authorities grants land and air entry permit to the holder of the pass. If you were awarded this permit you can visit any US border but not for long periods. You can’t leave the country without your electronic passport from the USA.

On the other hand, if you land in the USA by air, sea or bus you will have to obtain an immigrant visa and then again, you will need to present proof of identification. Once granted, this type of visa holder can travel to many states of US including Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. However, if you do not have this visa or if your passport is not recognized in USA you cannot travel to these states. Similarly, if you do not possess the required visa but if you want to visit Canada you will have to obtain an immigrant visa and then again you will have to show proof of citizenship.

Immigration and financial requirements are different for the citizens of Canada and the US. As per the immigration laws of both countries you will not be allowed to stay for a limited period. Similarly, you will not be able to work in the United States while you have this nonimmigrant visa. The same applies to the processing of your visa. USA requires more paperwork and documentation and Canada’s procedure is also less time consuming.

Visitor Visa: Every person who is not a US citizen and who is above 18 years of age is eligible for a visitor visa. However, there is a very strict procedure for the application of visa. For getting the visa you will have to visit the immigration department in USA or Canada and apply for the visitor visa. USA has better visa acceptance rates but it also has stricter rules and regulations and thus it is said that for getting the best visa terms in USA you should apply for the visitor visa.

Visitor Visa Waiver: You also need to apply for visa over the border and you will not be eligible for a visa. But if you wish to visit USA for tourism purpose then you can choose the Visa Waiver option. There are three types of Visa Waivers which are green card, universal passport and exchange-traded traveler’s visa or ES Visa. Visa Waiver helps a person to get tourist visa faster and easily. So, once you opt for a visitor visa from USA you can visit any US destination without applying for visa.

Exchange-Traded Travel Visa: If you too want to visit USA for tourism or business purpose, but you do not have any green card or normal visitor visa then you should opt for the exchange-traded travel visa or ET Visa. This visa allows you to exchange the ticket for a return flight or to another country. Only the family members and the spouse having permanent resident status in USA can opt for this Visa Waiver. USA Visa can also be obtained through exchange-traded travel Visa cards. But like visa waiver, exchange-traded travel visa is comparatively more expensive as compared to other Visa Waivers. So if you do not find any reason to get this Visa you should opt for other alternatives.

But if you have a valid and active bank account in USA it will help you get a cheaper tourist visa. As far as the age groups are concerned, a person below the age of eighteen in USA can also get a tourist visa easily by showing his or her parents’ legal age. So, a person having a green card can also get tourist visa easily by proving his or her dependents’ age. Visa Waiver is the main factor for getting a tourist visa approved in USA. So, always try to get Visa Waiver to get easy and fast visa approved.