Useful Tips For US Travelers

For many of us, we think of travel to Europe as an expensive proposition. In fact, many of us do not even know that it is possible to travel for free! Many of the european countries are very accessible on the internet and do not even require you to leave the country to go there.

In America, many of us still feel uncomfortable if a stranger holds the hand of a young person with a flu or swine flu. With travel to Europe, those fears will no longer be worries. The pandemic that last year threatened the world and made travel to Europe more difficult has now been declared non existent.

The World Health Organization declared that the swine flu was not going to return to Europe after the conclusion of the pandemic. That was a big relief for the european tourist industry which had suffered greatly due to the closure of their resorts and airports. Now with this declaration, the tourist business can once again resume. The health measures that were introduced to combat the pandemic have also increased the safety level in Europe. Tourists are more likely to get vaccinated and more health measures are being taken to ensure that the tourists are safe.

One of the most contagious things from the olden days are the diphtheria, streptococcus and hepatitis viruses. These diseases have been responsible for thousands of deaths. It has also been a cause for international concern since the disease is transmittable through air and water. Luckily, the threat of the diphtheria, streptococcus and hepatitis viruses is over. The biggest problem was how to cope with the infected people and the situation developed into a global health crisis.

Since the pandemic did not affect the western part of the world, the travellers going to Europe could travel with the needed vaccines. Tourists will now be able to travel to most of the European countries. Travellers do not need to worry about travelling while infected with the pandemic. All they need to do is stick to clean environments. For people who have not received the pandemic jab, they can get the required vaccines during their travel to Europe. In the past, travellers had to wait for the vaccination papers but now all they have to do is show the vaccination card.

While travelling to Europe, travellers must be aware of the risks involved. A certain risk is associated with having the disease since the new strains of flu have been identified. These new strains of flu have not reached epidemic levels yet but the risk of getting the infection is still there. To prevent the occurrence of the new flu virus, travellers are advised to practice hygiene like hand washing. Vacationers can go to any of the hospitals located in each of the european countries but it is better to get travel insurance.

With the help of travel insurance, we US travelers can get the necessary coverage in case something happens. Travel insurance usually covers the cost of lost luggage, medical assistance, emergency transportation and nursing home care for the first two weeks. Travel insurance is also available for the travelling of infants, children, pregnant women, senior citizens, and those with chronic medical conditions. The coverage of the insurance policy usually depends on the duration and route of travel to the european countries.

Another important thing that US travelers need to know before getting ready to enter the continent is about the entry requirements for entering the country. Usually, Americans do not need any visa if they plan to visit Europe for less than three months. However, US citizens who plan to travel to some European country for more than three months should consider getting the necessary visa for staying in that country. Some of the common visa requirements are the application form for staying for at least six months, the registration of the tourist’s stay within the country, the financial and other immigration documents, and the passport-like cards.