USA Visas – What You Should Know About the Visas

Travel to USA is mostly subject to entry requirements of British citizens. If they have been to UK, Ireland, Schengen zone or China within the last 14 days then they are not allowed to enter USA. The same applies for those who have obtained a Green Card but have not yet entered the country. If one fails to comply with the terms and conditions then one will be subjected to arrest and penalties.

The only exception to this rule is if one is travelling with a British or Irish passport and they wish to visit the USA without obtaining a visa. However, obtaining a visa for an additional country does not help one leave the country even if that is their intention. It is therefore important to carry with them their original British or Irish passport along with the original visa documents. Electronic passport visa cards are issued at the port of entry for travellers bound for the USA. They can also be used for tourists who obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization via the Electronic Passport website.

There are three types of US federal immigration laws which determine the eligibility of a foreigner to enter the country: nonimmigrant visas, renewable visas and visitor visas. Nonimmigrant visas allow people to work in the USA for a limited period of time such as three months; they are also known as the green card. Reciprocity to US labour law is necessary for a non immigrant visa.

Visitor visa is different from the visitor visa since it is designed to allow people who wish to visit the USA for a definite purpose. A person may get a visitor visa for staying for a year or more or for several years. Renewal visa on the other hand allows a person to change his or her nationality within a year. Green card is a kind of US visa which is available to anyone having an adequate educational qualification and who is in need of financial assistance. This visa is good only if one is travelling to the US for an official or private purpose.

An US Visa application must be submitted to the USCIS by the applicant before he or she is eligible to apply for any type of visa. On receiving an application, the USCIS takes about three to four weeks to process visa applications. Once the visa file is processed, applicants will receive a notice of decision usually in about two weeks. An applicant should check the status of his or her visa often since it may be rejected or renewed without prior notice.

The visa fee is one of the most significant charges involved in visiting the USA. The cost of a visa depends on the number of categories that need to be applied for. For instance, for an individual with a green card, the visa fee is less while tourists applying for an individual or family visa will have to pay the standard federal immigration rate. However, when the number of categories is very high, the fee charged is more pertain to the cost rather than the number of categories.

A US Visa is valid only for a stipulated period of time which varies from six months to 3 years. For people applying for a visa based on the green card, the validity of the visa is renewable after the green card holder reaches the age of seventy. The cost of a visa will also increase drastically if the duration of stay is extended.

The cost of a visa is different for each type of visitor visa. There are visa fees for the business traveler, student or family category, tourist visa, and the dependable foreign travel insurance. The visa fee covers the cost of processing the application, providing a visa card, and providing proof of citizenship. A person may be able to save some money on the overall cost of the visa if he or she applies for and receives an expedited visa.