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USA Visa Information

Tourist Visa is referred to as B1/B2 tourist visa for traveling to USA. To get an immigrant visa to enter the country for tourism purposes, you have to submit a request to the Department of State. You must provide all required documents to the government officials. After a thorough verification, you will be issued an immigrant visa. If the main purpose of your visit is recreation (to seek medical care, family visit, cultural activity, etc.) then you can apply for a tourist visa directly.

The requirements to get tourist visa vary from one state to another. The process of getting an immigrant visa is generally simple but time consuming. Tourists have three options to choose from, i.e. nonimmigrant visa, tourist visa and visitor visa. Each category has its own specific set of rules and regulations.

Visitor’s visa, commonly called as b-2 visa, is available to people who intend to stay for a limited period in the USA. B-2 visa holder can stay for one year or more. Medical treatment in the USA is not covered under this visa. B-2 visitor visa does not allow you to work in the USA. Hence you are not allowed to work in the USA under this scheme.

If you are planning to travel to USA with your family or a group of friends, you are not allowed to carry their personal belongings like bag, clothes, etc. If you are carrying these items in your luggage, you may be subjected to scanner check and you would not be able to pass through the security check. It is possible that the security personnel may strip your clothing and take your possessions from you. Hence it is advised that you carry a passport, as it provides you with more protection than your personal belongings.

On the other hand, if you are travelling to USA with valid passport from UK, you can easily avoid the problems related to security and immigration. The main criteria of valid passport from UK is that it should be issued by the British Consulate General and not from a British Immigration office. Hence if you are travelling to USA with your British passport, you do not need any travel visa. On the contrary, if you are travelling to USA with passport from India, you should carry the valid documents of India such as identity card, valid visa or work permit. Only if you are travelling to USA with your nationality card and visa from UK, you are required to go through the immigration processing.

Besides the above mentioned categories of visitor visas, the United States government has also prepared various types of visitor visas for the businessmen who intend to travel to the country for the first time and the tourists who intend to visit the country for the first time. According to the type of visa category you choose, you will get different benefits. An entrepreneur who is traveling to the country for the first time and is eligible for the business visa will get the benefit of an expedited processing and will also get an exemption on the inspection of his goods at the border.

However, if you are traveling for your medical treatment, you will be unable to get the benefit of the above-mentioned exemptions. In case of an entrepreneur and a tourist who are traveling to the united states for the first time, it is better to opt for the B-1 visa. B-1 Visa is issued by the United States Department of State to people who have significant presence in the United States for business purposes for a specific period of time. For this purpose, the applicant needs to fill an application form including one page of the application form. After filling the application form, one year of continuous employment in United States is required.

If you are applying for an immigrant visa, it is important to go to the consulate of the concerned country for getting necessary approval. The consuls check the application if it fulfills the requirements and if there is no fraud case registered against the holder of the visa. If everything checks out well, your visa is approved and you will get a visitor visa to visit USA.