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USA Visa Application

Tourist visa is a legal non-immigrant visa generally for travel to USA. tourist visa is also called visitor visa or b1/b2 visa in the United States of America. Generally, you can apply for a tourist visa for international travel to USA when the primary purpose of your visit is recreational (tourist, tourism, visit family and friends), to seek medical care, to participate in some sport event or competition, or to work. Visa approval for your travel to USA depends on your nationality, age, gender, employment and intended destination. Consult with your consular officer to understand the details of your visa type and process.

Tourist visas are available to persons not of the defined class or category. For example, Green card holder is the person who has obtained US citizenship, while eligible nonimmigrant is the person having permanent resident status in USA. If you are a national of countries on the prohibited list for visiting or staying in USA, you will not be allowed to travel to USA or to stay for more than 90 days. There are three types of visas available to us citizens of different countries. These are:

US Permanent Resident’s Visa is the one which are granted to permanently settled immigrants, and US nonimmigrant visa is granted to a person entering the country for tourism or business purposes. For tourists visa, the approval mainly depends on the location, purpose and date of departure. The processing time may take longer for those applying for tourist visa by checking through a number of agencies at a time. For immigration purposes, the processing time is generally two to three months, but the process may be faster for people having a green card. Green card holder is not supposed to leave the country during his/her stay, but if the person does so then he/she can stay for six months or more.

A tourist visa is required for all visitors, but if you are traveling from a foreign country, you must have an immigrant visa otherwise you will be not eligible for a visa. Immigrant visa is necessary for those travelling with the intention of settling in the USA or plan to apply for a US Green Card. If you are travelling to USA for business purposes, there is another type of visa, which is needed. To know the exact procedure of acquiring a visa, you should contact the consular department of the concerned US mission.

If you are traveling to USA by using your passport, you should carry photo and proof of identity. Photo must be done in front of a US consulate or any US agency. Your original passport and your valid passport with your latest expired passport photos. Along with the photo, you also need to present necessary documents like passport type, expiration date, name of employer, telephone number and itinerary of travel. You need to visit the nearest embassy of the USA to obtain the visa. If you are traveling to USA by using your visitor visa, you should check your visitor visa status before leaving for the travel.

If you are travelling to USA using your Skilled Worker Visa, you need to follow certain rules and regulations. First of all you need to submit your application form to US Department of Labor. Skilled worker visa is available only for workers that are legally working in the USA.

If you are travelling to USA on a visitor visa and you are having some health problems, then you should follow some important procedures. The first thing you need to do is to apply for b-2 visa. B-2 Visa is the most suitable visa for travelers, who want to visit USA for medical treatment. B-2 Visa gives you freedom to travel to USA for medical treatment for a period not less than 3 consecutive years. Along with this requirement, you also need to fill an application form asking for information about your illness and the reason behind it. The application form also needs to give details about your spouse and children.

The other documents required for you to apply for Skilled Worker Visa or the B-2 Visa are proof of residence in USA, work experiences in USA, passport, fees fee of application form. Generally all the documents mentioned above are provided by the department. However, if you are having any query regarding the eligibility of visiting USA for medical treatment then you can directly contact the US consulate. If you are applying for tourist visa then you should follow all the rules and regulations of the USA tourist visa application.