US Business Immigration – How to Obtain a visa For Your Staff

When people travel to USA, they face many kinds of visa problems. Visa problems especially when you do not have a proper passport. Visa problems are not only limited to USA but also to Canada, Mexico and many other countries. A person who travels frequently to USA may face problems with his or her visa on arrival and as a result the person may be kept in immigration custody.

Travel to USA

Travel to USA is usually subject to security checks and to entry permits British nationals cannot enter into the USA and its possessions if they’ve been to the UK, Ireland, Schengen zone or Iran, Brazil within the past 14 days. There are many reasons for having to obtain an entry permit while traveling to USA. Many immigrants come to the USA to work and as a result they leave their family members behind. These family members face problems when they cannot travel with them and obtain an entry permit from the US authorities. For example if a British national is staying in USA without an entry permit, he may be arrested and sent back to Britain.

An immigrant who is travelling for business purposes may face problems like the one mentioned above. Many people in United States have to face the issue of visa on arrival due to the high volume of visitors the USA receives every year. For this purpose the USA government issues various kinds of visas for various categories of travelers. While a visitor may face problems due to US travel restrictions there are some other visa types that are available for him or her.

The two kinds of visas that are mainly required by a British national when he travel to USA are the US investor visa and the business travel document. The US investor visa is often referred to as the investment visa and it’s available to businessmen who have acquired property in USA or the British national can obtain the non-immigrant investor visa. Such documents are necessary if the businessman wants to purchase property in the US. Also, if a British national wants to visit his family in the states where USA has a rather restrictive visa policy, then he may also obtain an immigrant status card that is required to visit and work in the states. Also such cards are needed if the visitor is to get a work permit in the US.

Visas for the above persons are easily available in the immigration attorney’s office or the UK immigration office. If you are not a resident of the states in which you are visiting or want to change the status of your status in any state in United States, you will have to get a USA visa. An immigrant visa is available as a one time application and after this the applicant cannot apply for another visa until the application is approved. For this reason the application process takes quite some time. However, in the USA processing of visa applications has become faster than the UK and some other countries. An immigrant visa application can be submitted either at the port of call of the port of origin or at any other US port.

An immigrant visa for an individual seeking to relocate employees will be approved without delay. However, it is also essential for the person to be aware of the fact that each visa is different and has its own rules and regulations. This means that you will have to consult with a US immigration attorney if you have specific concerns. Even though most of the visa applications are normally approved without any hassle, it is still better to consult a US immigration attorney before submitting visa for your employees.

A US immigration attorney can help you fill up the visa form properly and even negotiate the best deal on your behalf. In the USA, many of the businessmen prefer to employ immigrants from third world countries so that they do not have to bear the whole burden of taxes. For this purpose they offer a lot of special benefits and advantages and this is what an immigration attorney tries to do. If you have decided to relocate staff to the USA from abroad, or plan to set up a new business in the USA, it is advisable to get the services of a US business immigration attorney.

A US immigration attorney will provide you the necessary advice if you are relocating staff from abroad or planning to employ them in USA. He/she will first suggest you the type of visa that would be best suited to your needs and then he will check the status of your visa. In case there is any discrepancy he/she will try to help you resolve the same. In order to obtain a visa easily you should not make any mistakes when filling up visa forms. The US authorities are strict in their visa regulations and if you do make one mistake while filling up the forms, then your application will be rejected.