Update on US Visa Policy Regarding Travel to USA From EU Countries

If you’re planning trips and meetings, country site is always helpful to visit when other countries like USA are on vacation. Since many international travel has been severely affected by this deadly pandemic, travel map is updated with the latest travel advice about USA from interactive maps to help you better plan your future trips. The US is among the world’s leading travel destinations. With a variety of cities, states and even counties, the US could surely provide something special for every traveler. Below you’ll find some useful information on traveling to USA.

While not directly related to travel restrictions, there are some major issues that affect travelers to USA during their vacation. The recent elections in the US created an issue for travelers as they saw some representatives moving to the far-right. The issues in the middle east also caused turmoil for both countries, as a result of the war in Yemen. Travel to USA during jun 2021 may be difficult or even impossible without proper documentation, or even at least a green card.

As per the UK nationals Act, all British nationals must have a right of abode in the UK and can reside permanently in UK only. This law is called the Immigration Act 1970. The law states that anyone who wishes to live in UK must either enter the country through the port of entry or via the airport. For British nationals, who cannot get an exit visa by plane travel from the UK mainland, they can apply for an E visa. These e visa permits are valid for three months after the end of the financial year in which the visa was obtained. Thus, if one travels to the US mainland by crossing the sea or by air and wishes to stay here for a good period of time, one should acquire an E visa.

Though, US legislation does not mention any law regarding US citizens traveling to UK or vice versa, there are still a few aspects that need to be considered before traveling to USA. For instance, there is an important health care provision for US citizens who have acquired NHS treatment overseas and wish to get treated in the United Kingdom. However, US legislation does not allow British nationals to get treatment here, unless they get a visa. Hence, one should obtain travel insurance, which specifically covers treatment abroad.

There has been a plethora of terrorist attacks in Europe recently. Several people have lost their lives in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK. In response to these terrorist attacks, the British high commissioner to the UN, Sir John Sawers has expressed his views about the future of Europe as a united state. He has urged the European Union to work towards boosting its security. On the other hand, many US politicians have welcomed the idea of a united Europe, as it would be a great step forward towards fighting crime and terrorism across the globe.

Though, the US President’s policy towards the EU is neutral, he might be forced to reverse his stance, once he becomes the Elector President of the United States of America in 2021. Many political analysts believe that there will be a significant change in the relations between the EU and the USA once Donald Trump becomes President of the greatest nation on earth. He might realize that the days of the US-led bloc against the sanctions imposed on Iran at the UN is over. He might start to cooperate with the Europeans more actively.

The European Union, led by its powerful member states, has successfully implemented the toughest possible trade barriers on the oil producing countries in the Middle East and Asia. The US administration has failed to match this. Hence, there will be a major shift in the level of cooperation between European Union and the US, once Donald Trump becomes the next President of the USA. As far as the issue of the lifting of visa requirements for European travelers is concerned, it is not clear whether it will be updated or cancelled altogether after the end of the Obama era.

The EFTA was a very helpful tool for promoting free trade within the USA and it should be continued for promoting economic growth across the country. However, it cannot be upgraded or even cancelled, once the doors of the US diplomatic establishment are closed to foreign nationals coming from EU countries, like USA. For all the countries concerned, it is time to stop speculations about the status of the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement and wait for a positive answer from the American authorities.