Travelling to USA From Your Country

Travelling to USA by Plane or Car – The main problem for the passengers travelling from overseas is the screening. Generally the customs officials here are strict and don’t take too much time in examining the travellers, but there are some exceptions like for flag carrying ones. So generally, the travellers have to go through a long procedure in getting the documents authenticated and the reason being that the chemicals used in growing of the vegetables are very strong and they may not be allowed to get into the country if the chemicals present are not authenticated. However, now the situation has been changed and you can easily travel to USA without any difficulty.

Travel to USA

The USA has no problems with foreigners coming to it as long as they have a valid visa and proof of identity and return ticket. In fact, this is an open door policy for all the foreign tourists visiting USA as long as they have a valid visa. The Visa approval can be instant on the web and within 72 hours you can visit the USA through an electronic passport. All the three branches of US Government approved it and so can you if you have an electronic passport. This ePassport is absolutely free from all the penalties and hence, no need of money to get it done.

You can use it for travelling within 72 hours without any charge. Electronic passports do not require any extra fee and can be used by any citizen of the world without any discrimination. Electronic passports are the ePassports of USA and so you will get all the privileges that you would get in any US state except the entry permit. This is the only difference between the electronic passport and the regular passport.

You just have to click on the “apply for an electronic passport” and fill in the form providing all the necessary details about yourself and the country you are traveling to. Within an hour the application will be checked and the result would be emailed to you. The applicant needs to click on the link provided in that email within a day or two to get the electronic passport. This process is same as for visa and green card application.

If you want to travel to USA using ePassport then you have to book your flight either in New York or Los Angeles. There are many discount airlines available for this purpose. Many airlines offer discounted prices for getting ePassport and also reduce the price of air ticket for traveling to USA from their websites. You need to check all this option and get the best deal for traveling to USA using ePassport.

You can travel to USA without having to go through any sort of security checks for your personal belongings if you are travelling with your own bags. Even your private laptop and a mobile phone can be taken into the air airport as long as they are not packed in your hand luggage. But if you are travelling with other passengers than you should carry with you all the personal belongings of the passengers. You will have to fill an application form with details about your travelling and the number of passengers with you. Once this is done, a notice regarding security checks will be issued by the customs department. You will have to show this document to the customs officials at the time of checking in to the airport so that your personal belongings can be taken care of during the entire security check.

The rate of fee for getting a return ticket or for a one-way ticket is different from the normal rate of fare for that destination. You will have to take care of this factor while travelling back to USA from Los Angeles. If you do not find a return flight to be available at the time of departure from Los Angeles, you will have to change the flight destination to another one. Reaching USA by land is possible but it is always better to reach the USA by taking air journey.

In case of travelling from USA to Mexico, Canada or Jamaica, the travellers need to show proof of citizenship before boarding the airplane. This is needed because, if the airline does not know that the person travelling is a citizen of USA, it will not issue a ticket. This can easily be done at the customs checkpoint. There should be no problem in travelling by land to Canada or Mexico if all the precautions are taken. Traveling by air to other countries like Mexico and Canada or even to Jamaica can be risky, so follow the necessary precautions while travelling to USA and ensure that you reach your destination safely.