Traveling to China – What You Need to Know About Immigration and Entry Permissions

Travel to China

Traveling to China – What You Need to Know About Immigration and Entry Permissions

If you are planning to travel to China, you must be aware that the country has a very unique culture. While in China, observe how different people live, work, and behave. China is emerging as a strong global leader in trade, technology, investment, and cultural tourism. Although there is no need to be intimidated by Chinese people, their ways of dealing with visitors and foreigners are quite different from ours. When traveling to China, learn some useful tips to avoid annoying and unnecessary problems.

– Avoid Non-Governmental Travel to China. China continues to battle sporadic outbreaks of deadly flu throughout the nation. This can cause the sudden implementation of random screening, mandatory quarantining, and sometimes, restrictive monitoring. The majority of foreign nationals who enter China via unofficial channels or unlicensed agents will most likely fall victim to these measures. Do your best to avoid being among these casualties.

– Get Your Visa Before Traveling to China. Chinese authorities often place unannounced visa and exit inspection checks on foreign nationals. Those who overstay a few months or who leave without leaving the country for too long will find that their visa may be revoked. Many international travelers find that this is the case. For your own protection, get your visa early before making any plans to travel to China.

– Obtain Work Permit Before Traveling to China. Without a valid work permit, any travel to China will be considered illegal. Having a valid travel insurance policy will allow you to leave the country without hassle. Your travel insurance provider should be able to give you information on which companies are able to issue travel insurance policies that are authorized by the Chinese government.

– Get Travel Insurance. Many insurance companies in the United States are able to issue policies that are authorized by the Chinese government. If your trip to China will require you to obtain a visa, you will need to have your visa authenticated before traveling. A good travel insurance policy can help you overcome any problems you may encounter when entering and leaving the country via airports or via the use of bridges.

– Have Reliable Travel Information. When planning to travel to China, it is important to have reliable travel advice. Be sure to ask your tour guide if the hotel you’re staying at has a meeting room. Be sure to visit the Chinese consulate when in China to inquire about visa requirements and other visa regulations. In addition, make sure your passport is current.

– Have a Double Entry System. Many countries issue their own national ID cards. However, for individuals traveling to China, you will likely need an exit visa, rather than a local visa. To gain approval for a local visa, you will need to present a copy of a passport, a copy of a travel visa, and a copy of a lease or contract from a business in China. The Chinese authorities will not accept any additional forms of identification, such as foreign bank accounts or work visas.

– Review Entry Requirements. There are various rules regarding the number of visa types that can be entered into the system by foreigners. For example, Chinese citizens do not need to have a three-year stay on the property they are renting, nor do they need to purchase a property in China or hold a property or other asset within the real estate sector of the Chinese economy. Therefore, foreigners who are travelling to China must review the type of visa requirements applicable to them.