Traveling to Canada

Travel to Canada

Traveling to Canada

Are you thinking about traveling to Canada? The requirements to get a passport vary depending on the country you are leaving. Here is what you need to know.

As of this writing, it is not possible to legally enter Canada using only airline tickets or by crossing the border illegally. Due to the recent changes of the federal registry (ie COPIA), all travelling outside of the country now requires a valid Canadian visa. This also includes crossing the provincial border into provinces such as British Columbia and Ontario. In addition, we are now entering Canada via air, boat and train.

If you have yet to acquire your permanent resident status in Canada, you will need to obtain an immigrant visa. Immigration requirements for individuals still require you to have a valid passport and meet other entry requirements. For those already in Canada, there are specific entry requirements that you must fulfill in order to legally enter the country. These include: obtaining a first passport; settling permanently in Canada; having your family live in Canada for at least three years; and, if you are travelling to Canada by air or sea, meeting the air transport requirements. The full details can be found on the immigration website Canadian immigration.

When applying for your permanent resident status in Canada, you will need to present three documents. These are your passport application, registration card and birth certificate. Your passport application is a vital part of your application. This needs to be filled out completely and correctly and needs to be submitted to the Canadian authorities at the correct address listed on the form. Registration cards are needed when travelling outside of Canada.

If you are coming to Canada via another country and wish to bring your family along, you will need to apply for a temporary resident permit. This is known as a temporary resident permit. To apply for this type of permit, you will need to fill out and submit an application form. There is an electronic travel authorization process that can be followed when arriving via another country.

When arriving in Canada via the United States, you can follow either the regular border crossing between the US and Canada or the Oceans Bridge. These crossings are faster ways to arrive in Canada and the guards at the stations of the Canadian government will provide you with detailed instructions on how to get to your eventual destination. You will need to present all of your immigration documentation when travelling to the US. If you do not have any such documentation, you can apply for an ETA.

Once you have all of your immigration paperwork prepared, it is time to apply for your Canadian passport. You will need to apply for a passport from the Department of Foreign Affairs in your home country before travelling to Canada. Once you have your passport, you can apply for a temporary resident visa. The Temporary resident visa is for three months and you can extend this type of visa up to one year. Once you have obtained your permanent resident visa, you can now apply for your Canadian passport.

Quarantine: When travellers arrive at their point of entry into Canada, they are required to register with the Canadian Immigration records database. If the traveller’s registration does not match the records in the database, the entry is denied. The purpose of the quarantine period is to ensure that dangerous diseases are not brought into the country. Whether the travellers have entered Canada at a different port of entry or through the air, they will need to stay in a quarantined area for two weeks after their arrival date until the registry is updated with details on the arrival of travellers who have had negative entries for diseases that can be considered dangerous to the public health.