Travel to USA – Visa Series

Tourist visa is a short term Nonimmigrant visa valid for travel to USA. To get a tourist visa to USA you need to apply for it. You need to follow all the norms and requirements of the United States government for getting a tourist visa. Before applying for any tourist visa you must check with the Department of State Visitors Office. You should find their website address in the state that you are going to visit. In most cases this address can be found on the Visa sticker on the passport or on the application form for tourist visa.

Travel to USA

Tourist visa is also referred to as b1/b2 visa or tourist visa. You can easily apply for a tourist visa for travel to USA, whether your purpose of visiting the USA is for pleasure (tourist) or for educational (visit family or friends). The processing time of a nonimmigrant visa is comparatively faster than that of an immigrant visa. Normally a three-month validity stay is required on a tourist visa. If you want to visit USA for more than three months, you need to apply for the three-year visitor visa.

There are different types of tourist visas available in USA. These are: Regular Non-immigrant Visa, Medical Non-immigrant Visa, Registered Provisional User Visa, Retirement Visa. You need to check the status of each visa as per the requirement. If you have a medical condition which requires travel to USA for treatment you may require a b-2 visa. Otherwise, if you want to visit family or friends you can easily apply for a regular non-immigrant or tourist visa. The process of getting a US tourist visa is same as that of obtaining any other visa.

To obtain a US tourist visa, you need to visit USA immigration department and fill an application form with the necessary information. In addition, you also need to submit photographs of yourself and your family. However, many people worry about the security of their visas once they reach USA because of fear of losing them. But you should know that once you reach USA your nonimmigrant visa will automatically terminate. So, no one can prevent you from leaving the country for tourism purpose. No one can stop you from getting a tourist visa.

The most common reason for obtaining a US tourist visa is to visit relatives in USA. Another reason for which tourists visit the USA is to attend an important conference or seminar in the United States. However, the most common reason for which people come to USA for tourism purposes is to visit relatives in USA. Therefore, the demand for tourist visa has tremendously increased in the United States.

Besides tourist visa, the third most popular visa type is the B1 (medical) visa. This visa is required when you are planning to get medical treatment in the United States. B1 Visa is required when the patient requires specialized medical treatment like surgery or specialized medical treatment for his/her cancer. In order to get the B1 Visa you need to apply for the visitor visa in USA through Electronic System for Travel (ESTR). After you fill up the electronic form for obtaining the b1 visa, you need to wait for around six months after which you will get the visa according to the schedule announced by the federal government.

Before traveling to USA you should check whether all the documents required for the visa is in your possession or not. If you do not have the required documents then you should contact the embassy of the USA or the consulate of the foreign country and you should fill up the application form. It is advised to collect the documents required for the visa before traveling to USA and not planning to fly to the country. You should also carry some money in case if you loose your luggage.

A B1 visa holder is allowed to stay in the United States if he or she has a valid passport and an employment contract. The main advantage of having this visa is that the employers in the United States do not like to take chances. They are assured that the worker in the United States is legally present in the country and they have the complete assurance that the worker will return home on time. The process of getting the visa can take some time and you need to be prepared for it. In order to reduce processing time you can approach the US consuls and they will guide you about the requirements.