Travel to USA – Legal Permanent Residence

Travel to USA is normally subject to visa inspection, British nationals can enter the USA and its possessions only if they have already been in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil or China within the last fourteen days. You will need to apply for an immigrant visa if you wish to travel to the USA. Once you have submitted the application the visa will be issued within twenty-four hours. However, if you have already entered the USA prior to submitting the visa it can take anywhere from three to ten working days for your visa to be approved.

When travelling to USA using a passport other than the electronic one you will need a visa, either as a British or a permanent resident, and a passport stamp. Before travelling to USA you should check that you have all the relevant documents in your possession. These include a passport, a debit card or a credit card, or a visa and entry permit, or an immunization certificate, or a naturalisation certificate. All these papers are required to board the airplane and will be stamped with your country of origin and of the date of your departure from that country. These papers are valid for three months from the date of issue.

There are separate checks for lawful permanent residence and for non-us residents. When checking in at an airport in the USA, you will be checked against the photograph in your visa application. This check will usually be done by a customs official and the photograph will be compared to that in your immigration record book. If the two cannot be compared, an exception will be made and you will be given an alternative interview.

If you have already arrived in the USA lawfully by air, sea or by road, you will be stamped with your photo and provided with a boarding pass. Your pass will entitle you to pass through the customs inspection lane and be taken to the customs office for processing. If you do not have a valid work permit or a valid social security card, you may be denied entry into the USA. The social security card proves your connection with US citizens and if you do not have it, you may still be able to proceed to the customs office but it is better to have one, as it is easier to produce.

A person who is neither a US citizen nor a lawful permanent resident cannot travel to the USA. Such a person needs to apply for a visa. There are certain types of visa that a person need to acquire before he/she can travel to the USA. A person who has a school-age child who is permanently transferred to the US or a person who is eligible for consular assistance can apply for a visa.

Visitor insurance plans are also available for US citizens who are travelling outside the USA. For further details, contact the same. You will find an experienced and dedicated team of professionals on the board of a US visitor’s insurance based company. These professionals can assist you in choosing the right type of insurance plan.

For those noncitizen individuals who are travelling outside the USA, they need to apply for a Nonimmigrant visa. For this purpose, they should check with the US Department of State. Once you are cleared for the visa, you will receive an immigrant visa that enables you to reside in the USA legally and permanently. However, a valid passport is compulsory to stay in the USA after you receive your visa. Therefore, you will also need a passport when travelling outside the USA.

An online visa service is the best option to apply for an immigrant visa. It is very convenient as well as time saving. You need not visit the visa officer in person. Just fill up a simple form online and get visa fast. This saves much of your time and energy that you would otherwise have to spend visiting the visa office in person.