Travel to USA? – How to Enter USA Using Visa

Travel to USA may seem like a relatively easy task. However, for those who have not visited the USA before, travelling to the USA can be quite intimidating. USA Visa application requirements are often complicated. They can be broken down into different categories like marriage, family visits, visiting or studying with an American or even just for pleasure. There are some other categories of people who need special consideration when applying for a visa.

Travel to USA

Firstly, for all categories of visa applicants USA Visa approval is easier but it does not mean that you do not need a passport. For travelling to USA by a British passport there are many options. You can visit USA without a visa but this is only possible if you have a Passport from the country of the visit. There are ways of visiting the USA without a passport such as visiting relatives and friends, if you do not have a Passport or with an Electronic passport or E visa.

An Electronic passport is an electronic document that proves your identity in US while also providing the right of stay in the USA. An E visa is for those people who are travelling to the country on a non-business purpose and not for tourist purposes. You can visit USA without a visa for up to 21 years if you hold a British passport or a green card. However, for work permit or settlement of permanent residence in the United States, an immigrant visa is required.

Many tourists visiting the USA from abroad do not have any plans of staying in the country permanently and hence do not require a visa. However, there are various reasons why you may need to stay in the country for a longer period. These include, obtaining employment, undergoing medical treatment, visiting family members, enrolling in educational or cultural programs, or settling in the country permanently. If you fall into one of these categories then you will require a visa for a stay in the USA.

Being a lawful permanent resident of USA may provide you several benefits. One of the benefits of being a lawful permanent resident is that you will be eligible for Social Security benefits. A benefit of being a lawful permanent resident of the United States is that you can work in any field in the federal government, for federal agencies or for the private sector in almost every US state, territory or locality including the American cities of Atlanta, Augusta, Baltimore, Burlington, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Seattle, Texas, Tampa, Washington and elsewhere in the United States. The Social Security Administration has set standards for people to meet to qualify for the benefits.

In case you have a valid reason for visiting USA, you will have to apply for an immigrant visa by visiting the US embassy in your country of citizenship or on the request of a US Citizen. You will get an immigrant visa by meeting the specified requirements and not necessarily by having a passport or any other important travel documents. But the fact is you will have to visit the US embassy to apply for an immigrant visa. For some people visiting USA are a lifetime experience but for others who don’t have any connection with the USA it can be a difficult task. Therefore you will need a visa from the US consulate for a stay in USA.

Some other benefits of being a lawful permanent US resident include: You can work for any company in the united states as you won’t have to obtain work permits for yourself for the time being till you start visiting USA. There are many companies in the united states who hire people for temporary basis and so you can find a job in such companies by going through the job sites of the states. Many US companies offer training to their new graduates so that they can apply for jobs in multinational companies immediately after graduating. You also don’t have to get a separate visa for getting a job in another country as you can easily get a visa for employment in USA.

There are many consular posts in different states of United States and you can contact the closest one for further details. When you contact any of these posts, tell them your purpose of visiting the United States. They will provide you an application form that you have to fill in completely. Once your application is received it will be reviewed carefully and you will get a visa once it is approved. So, if you have a visitor visa or an alien entry card that is valid for staying in the United States till the next 12 months then you can visit USA without obtaining a passport.