Travel to USA by Yourself For a Non-Resident Visa

Have you ever thought of traveling to USA without your passport? In fact, you should not be avoiding visiting the United States any time soon. Nowadays, it has become easier and convenient for all of us to move and visit our loved ones back home. But before you go ahead and travel to USA, you need to carry all the necessary documents with you.

Travel to USA

When we talk about travel to USA, it is important to mention that it involves three types of it: visa, green card and passport. The first two are in-born requirements while the third one is a temporary one and can be considered as an electronic passport. There are certain technicalities involved in each of these three. The purpose of visa and green card application is to legally immigrate into the USA and the purpose of the passport application is just to check if you have already obtained a permanent visa to the USA.

It is really difficult to find out the exact procedure of obtaining an American visa and green card. Even if there are some federal agencies that provide complete details on all these three, they do not update their services frequently. For this reason, it is better to consult a reliable source like the Electronic Immigration Control System or EIC.

While applying for a visa to the USA, you will have to fill up a Filling-out an application form containing necessary details like your name, address, date of birth, contact numbers, employer, social security number and so on. If you are a non US citizen, you will have to submit proof of citizenship along with a birth certificate if you wish to apply for a visa. In case if you are a US citizen and want to visit USA, you will have to visit the nearest US embassy or consulate.

There are lots of visa providers who are ready to grant tourists’ visas and green cards easily to non-US residents. However, you will have to bear in mind the fact that these companies earn money by processing visa applications. Hence, there are certain points that you should consider before you choose any such company. It is better to check whether the firm you have chosen is registered with the Better Business Bureau or The Bureau of Certification. The website of such companies will also contain a list of clients who have already used their services.

Visa processing is not a very easy job. There are a lot of legal formalities that need to be completed before you can actually get your visa. Therefore, it is better to take help from a reliable US visa provider. Such service providers will be able to provide you with the fastest possible visa approval to the US citizens. They will also ensure that your visa request is submitted within the shortest period of time possible.

There are a lot of people who think that they are not allowed to work in the USA while being a noncitizen. However, this is not true. A person can work in the United States as long as he or she is a US citizen or a lawful permanent resident. Hence, you can work as a noncitizen for any legitimate purpose like research, teaching, visiting family and so on. If you have landed in the USA illegally but have not committed any crime, you are still eligible for the services of a migration agent.

If you have a visitor’s visa and are planning to visit the USA, then a passport application will not be necessary. However, if you have the necessary papers like a visa, visitor’s permit and other documents required for getting a visa, then a passport application will be necessary. If you are a non-US citizen and want to apply for a visa, then you will have to visit the US embassy and apply for a travel authorization. For this, you will have to visit the USA consular department. The authorized officer will give you a written visa and further process the procedure for your travel authorization.