Travel to USA by Taking an I Visa

Travel to USA may require a visa. If you are a British national, you must apply for the visa before traveling to USA. There are many visa types for British nationals who are eligible for them. British citizens who are travelling to USA for tourism purposes are required to get the E visa. This is required by the American authorities to travel to USA for tourism purpose.

Travel to USA is subject to reciprocity. British nationals who have already obtained an E tourist visa are not eligible for an immigrant visa. British nationals who have entered the USA on nonimmigrant visas are not eligible for the tourist visa. British people are allowed to stay for 90 days for the tourist visa. British people can travel to US if their stay does not exceed this period.

Traveling to USA for tourism purpose is not only restricted to those British nationals who have obtained an E tourist visa but also includes citizens of other countries. Some countries like India, Pakistan and Singapore allow tourist visa on their soil. On the other hand some other countries like Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia do not allow tourist visa on their soil. In the case of visiting these countries for tourism purpose, one must obtain a travel visa from the authorities of these countries. The travel visa must be obtained from the government of the country where you want to visit.

A person who wants to travel to the United States for tourism purposes must follow the law of the United States. The law of the United States is different from that of other countries. For example, a person who is carrying a British passport is not allowed to get a business visa in the united states. Similarly, a person who is carrying a Canadian passport and plan to travel to the united states is not allowed to get a tourist visa. The only difference is that, if a person is carrying a non-immigrant visa like the b-1 visa, he is eligible for a US tourist visa.

An important place where one can get the required documents is the embassy of the US. The consulates of the United States to provide various services to the tourist visiting the country. However, the consulates of the united states are not considered as the gateways to the US. Therefore, it is very important to approach the consulate directly for obtaining any US visa.

An important requirement to acquire a tourist visa to the United States is the completion of an application form called the I Visa Waiver program. Before you start to fill the I Visa Waiver application form, ensure that you clear the eligibility criteria for the program. There are three eligibility criteria in the I Visa Waiver program for nonimmigrant visitors to the united states. These three eligibility criteria are age, citizenship and employment. All eligible persons have to satisfy the above mentioned requirements for a smooth processing of their visa. For the I Visa Waiver program a person has to visit the consular office in their own country.

An important requirement for a person having an I Visa is to apply for a visa from the same agency from which he obtained his original nonimmigrant visa. This can be done by presenting his proof of return or death. In the case of the green card application a person needs to visit the visa application center for submitting the visa application. Thus, the complete procedure of applying for a US visitor visa is very lengthy and tedious.

An important requirement for a person having an I Visa is to present his proof of travel to the consul. A visa will not be granted if a person does not present a valid proof of his travel. A proof of stay, for instance a letter from the hotel in which you had stayed and a copy of your latest travel insurance policy or a recent photograph of yourself along with your social security card are the necessary documents for ensuring visa on arrival for a nonimmigrant visa. Consuls will help you get the visa in detail and efficiently.