Travel to USA by Air – A Quick and Easy Guide

Travel to USA

Travel to USA by Air – A Quick and Easy Guide

Travel to USA is normally subject to visa inspection requirements and British citizens are not able to enter the USA, its territories and the territories of Canada if they were in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Spain, Brazil or Iran within the last 14 days. The same applies for those travelling from EU member states. There are a number of different types of visas available for those travelling to the USA. There are Green Card, Non-immigrant visa, Executive Visa, Student visas and National Insurance numbers.

A large number of tourists visit USA each year and a substantial number of them travel on tourist visas which are not valid for travel to USA. Most of these visitors are travelling on business and therefore do not require a Green Card or other visa that would allow them to travel to the USA. Those who do require such a visa can still travel to USA via a private or commercial vehicle but their luggage will need to take the goods through a US port of entry. Therefore the luggage needs to be carried via a cargo carrier and the conveyance must be licensed by the Department of Transportation.

There are also many visitors to the USA who are here on a business visa which are not eligible for travel to the USA. These visitors will usually enter the country on non-immigrant visas. They will most likely be permitted to stay for a specified period of time and to work in the USA. After the visa has expired they will need to obtain a visa to remain permanently.

Business visitors to the USA are normally eligible to enter the USA using either a commercial vehicle or by air. However, there are some exceptions to this and some visitors may require an immigrant visa. If an immigrant is unable to enter the USA by either method then they will have to use a private or commercial vehicle to travel to the USA. This is known as a “visit visa”.

An alien visitor who is eligible to enter via an immigrant visa must first enter the USA via an airport. Then they must apply for admission to the United States, via an approved immigration agency or via a passport. Once the applicant has been admitted into the USA they will be able to proceed to any point of like interest in the USA whether it be to visit an educational institution or to visit any place of interest.

The process of obtaining an immigrant visa is not the same as that of a tourist who is eligible to travel to USA by land or sea. It is important that the applicant understand fully the rules and regulations about entering the USA by this means. Immigration authorities are particularly aware that illegal entry can lead to imprisonment and/or substantial fines. For this reason they will always be very strict about visa laws and any attempts to fraudulently get past these rules can result in serious action being taken. Visitors who intend to travel by land or sea to the USA should make sure they have the correct visa information correctly lodged with the appropriate authorities.

To be eligible to travel to USA by sea or air visitors must: Be travelling to the USA for tourism purposes Only visit the USA once you have obtained a visa must be travelling by road Must have a connecting airline ticket and valid passport (passport must be valid for at least six months after the departure date)

The above requirements may seem relatively simple but they are often easily overlooked by would be visitors. For this reason it is always advisable to ensure you have all the relevant visa documentation before setting out to the USA. Be aware that some visitors may not be eligible for entry if you do not have all the relevant paperwork together. Always check with your chosen travel operator or any travel agency you use how you can submit all the relevant forms and documents. Failure to do so may mean you miss out on a chance to visit the USA and enjoy the many benefits and advantages that go along with visiting this country