Travel to USA – A Dream of All Tourists

Many people from around the world would like to visit USA. The country offers so much to the visitors apart from beautiful landscapes and weather. It has some of the finest tourist sites including Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Kennedy Center, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, San Diego, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Puget Sound, San Francisco, Seattle and Las Vegas. So if you have decided to go to the USA by any means, it is very important for you to get all the necessary requirements and documents ready before you travel. A USA visitor visa is really very helpful when you are about to travel to USA as it will help you in getting the right accommodation and pass through various security checks.

There are many kinds of visitor visas available in the country. The tourist visa is for the tourists who are planning to travel to the United States for tourism purposes. There is another type of visa for the tourists who are about to spend some time in the country for educational or business purpose. The third kind of visa is the nonimmigrant visa which is also known as the green card. This visa is available for those individuals who are not about to move to the United States permanently but want to visit the country for a limited period of time.

You can obtain both the tourist and nonimmigrant visa easily through US immigration authorities. However, you should do it in a proper manner as provided by the government of US. You can also find plenty of information about the different kinds of visas on the internet. Almost all the websites provide information about different types of visas available in United States. You can also compare the prices of different kinds of visas available in United States.

To obtain an immigrant visa through the federal government, you will have to submit an application. You have to submit fingerprints of the applicant as well as their marriage status and age. Along with this you also have to submit the visa number.

In order to start the visa process, you will have to hire a US Immigration attorney. After hiring the attorney you will get a letter regarding your application. This letter will contain all the information about your work permit and other immigration documents. If you have a passport you should attach it along with your visa number during the initial stage.

After receiving your visa number the approved applicant will have to submit the I-cards. These cards are necessary for travelling outside United States. You can either buy the I-cards at the visa office or you can also get them through internet. Once you get your I-cards, you will have to fill in the prescribed forms and submit them to the concerned office.

Now the hardest part is waiting for your card. Usually a green card takes around seven to ten years to be issued. If you are planning to travel outside United States then you don’t have to worry about the processing of your visa. However, if you are going to stay in US for more than a year then you will have to go through the visa process. In fact, there are no shortcuts involved in this process.

There are many professionals and companies who help people in the visa process. You can find a lot of them on the internet. Before applying for the green card you should also check out the requirements of the agency.

In most cases you will have to remain in the country for at least two years and you should have a job that helps you earn a substantial amount of money. After attaining the green card you will not be eligible to apply for a visa for staying outside US once again. In such a case you will have to obtain an immigrant visa from the country that has provided you with the green card. The procedure of acquiring the immigrant visa to travel to USA is quite similar to that of obtaining a tourist visa. You can check out the internet for the details regarding the procedures of obtaining an immigrant visa to travel to USA.

After getting the immigrant visa you will have to remain in the country for the five years. After the allotted time period you will be allowed to travel to any other country of the world. In order to apply for the green card, you have to complete the entire process. There are many agencies and websites available on the internet which can guide you through the process. However, before you proceed you should compare the fees being charged by the agencies and choose the one that provides reliable and authentic service.

There are many reasons due to which tourists are allowed to travel to USA. They include the presence of occupation, which helps the person to earn a decent living and even the presence of a college degree or professional qualification. In order to obtain the visa you have to submit an application which includes all the necessary documents. After obtaining the visa for staying in the country for longer periods you will have to get the departure visa. Many people often face the problem of visa rejection. The main reason behind visa rejection is not having the latest passport along with expired or old passport.