Travel to Europe – Why You Need a Vaccine Passport

With a wave of international terrorism in France, Belgium and Germany, many foreigners (both citizens of western countries like the USA and other ones like those from Asian or African countries) are considering moving to one of the European countries in order to escape the violence and political turmoil. The countries in Europe are very attractive and offer great living conditions and favorable environment for tourists. Some of the countries in Europe have even made it to the top 50 of the ‘happiest places on earth’ list. In addition, there is a vast amount of history that can be discovered in each of these European countries. Moreover, there are many attractions to discover and explore in each country.

With the influx of millions of western Europeans, eastern Europeans and Asians over the past decade, there has been an increasing number of people who are now considering traveling to Europe as their destination of choice. Although most of them come to Europe just for a vacation, some of them permanently choose this continent as their vacation destination. For such people, freedom, economic prosperity, and a chance to experience new cultures are the main reasons why they take flight to Europe. However, although they get the chance to visit all the famous European countries like the UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Greece, they have to face some restrictions when they Travel to Europe.

The citizens of United States are not allowed to enter the country of Germany without special travel authorization from the US Secretary of State. This applies to tourists who travel to Germany on business or pleasure. To pass through border checking points, special passports need to be applied for from the American embassy. Some of the special passports that American citizens need to obtain when Travel to Europe are:

British citizens also have to get special passports when Travel to Europe. If British citizens to travel to European countries, they are not allowed to bring electronic devices like laptops or cellular phones into the country. The same rule applies for people travelling to other EU countries. British citizens who Travel to Europe must also register with the British consulate in their destination country. In order to prevent against travel fraud, the Consulates register all British citizens who Travel to Europe. If an American Traveler wants to Travel to Europe but fails to register with the British consulate in his/her destination country, then the American can only Travel to a country that has diplomatic relations with the United States, such as: Canada, Mexico, or the UK.

Certain areas in Europe are considered to be “closed zones”. These areas are named as “Closed Borders” or “Zones of Travel Restriction”. The citizens of these areas are required to Travel to these areas via different means. If an American Traveler wishes to Travel to one of these closed zones, he/she will need to obtain a Travel Permit through the Russian Federation, the Lithuanian Security Forces, or the Latvian Republic authorities. These permits are valid for a specific period of time and can be renewed.

In some European countries, there are certain rules and restrictions imposed on American citizens visiting that country. For instance, in order to travel to some of the Central European Countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland), an American citizen needs to be a fully vaccinated and licensed traveler. As a part of the visa requirement, a traveler must also have had the appropriate vaccinations in accordance with the European virus vaccination requirements.

American citizens who wish to Travel to Europe may be required to show proof of vaccine related to the diseases mentioned in this document. There is yet another document which needs to be presented by any American citizen who Traveles to these countries: the Absence of a Visa. This is needed if the traveler wishes to stay longer than the stated number of days. The Visas and Certificates are valid only for the designated period. A person who is a legal resident of a country does not need a visa in order to Travel to a country in the European Union. However, he/she might need a visa for traveling to certain countries in the European Union.

Certain European countries are not allowing passengers with vaccinated Americans on their flights. The countries under this category are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakiaak Republic, Sweden, and Switzerland. Certain other countries have also introduced a version of the vaccine passport. It can be called the Restriction Passport which is still valid for travel to some countries in Europe.