Travel to Europe – Visa Waiver For Tourists

Do you travel often to Europe? If you are, you will probably find that there is a lot more to do there than you realized. The continent is a great destination and can be an easy getaway for many people. There is a lot to do in Europe, especially if you take advantage of the many options for international travel. To help you plan your next trip, check out the tips below about the best ways to travel to Europe.

One thing that is required of all travelers to enter the EU is to be vaccinated against diseases that could cause them harm. Fortunately, all countries require this, so there is no reason why travelers should worry. Travel to Europe also requires that travelers have at least one year of travel experience before they can apply for a visa. This requirement also applies to tourists coming to visit family members who are staying abroad. A few countries require travelers to abstain from consuming or dealing with certain animals during their time away, but the vaccines required make this unnecessary for anyone traveling to Europe.

Another important requirement for travel to Europe is that travelers be within fourteen days of their departure country. That means if you are traveling from the United Kingdom, you must be within seven days of exiting to reach France or Belgium. Some countries require that you stay within a seven day window, but it is not always a requirement that you remain within this period. If you are traveling from countries that require quarantine, you will be restricted from traveling for fourteen days or more. Traveling outside of these guidelines could get you in serious trouble.

To qualify for a visa-free entry into the European Union, you will need to demonstrate that you meet a number of economic requirements. To help determine which countries meet these requirements, there is an EU Visa Free Travel page from which you can choose. US citizens who are traveling to Europe must use the visa-free British Passport. Many people choose to use this option as it is faster and easier than the others.

When can an american traveling to Europe get visa-free entry? There are several legal options available to those who want to travel to Europe. Depending on the rules of the various countries, a US citizen may qualify for visa-free entry. However, there are legal restrictions regarding non EU residents traveling to EU countries.

The most common visa-free travel option for non EU countries is the Schengen visa. Certain EU member countries use the Schengen visa card to allow visa-free travel to Europe for their citizens. Certain other countries use their own form of the Schengen visa in order to allow travel to Europe. Those countries that use the Schengen visa are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

For citizens of those countries who cannot qualify for visa-free travel through the Schengen area, there are options for citizens of outside of the Schengen area. Citizens of Croatia can apply for a visa waiver on their way to Europe. Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can enter the EU using their passport while traveling to Europe by paying a surcharge. Other nations, like Ukraine, have special agreements with the EU on visa reciprocity.

Finally, there is the option of a 90 days visa-free travel plan. This is for citizens of outside the Schengen area who will be traveling to europe, whether they are coming to visit or leave permanently. Citizens of these countries will be able to enter the country, board a plane, and enter as tourists for 90 days. If an individual needs visa-free travel for more than a year, an individual may be eligible for a Plan visa.