Travel to Europe – Visa on Arrival is Possible But Important

Travel to Europe is a great way to enjoy your time there. It will surely give you the opportunity to see the famous European cities like Paris, Rome, London, and other big ones in Europe. And, as you go there, you will probably meet other travelers like you who are looking for the same things you are.

Travel to Europe

There is nothing more spectacular than seeing the Eiffel Tower while traveling to Europe. The amazing view will definitely make you appreciate the beauty of these European countries. When you are traveling to Europe, you should know its travel information so that you can avoid unnecessary hassles. Some of these have been included in this article.

In case of an American or an English visitor who is traveling to Europe, it is always best to bring a passport and visa to operate the country’s laws. You should also be aware of the various travel warnings that the country releases periodically. This will help you decide whether to go ahead with your planned trip or not. You may choose to reopen your passport and visit once you have a valid reason to do so.

This is good news for those who are travelling abroad and have become a victim of measles. Although Europe does not yet have a measles outbreak, travelling to any of its European countries without having a vaccination is considered illegal. So, as a precaution, travelers should get vaccinated so as to remain healthy. There is also good news to those who do not want to get vaccinated. They can consult with their doctors and find out how they can avoid getting the disease.

This is another good news for those American tourists who do not want to travel to Europe because they fear getting sick. Visiting the country will not require them to obtain a visa. Visitors will only need to provide proof of vaccinations upon entering the country. If you want to save some money, you can rely on any insurance provider to provide you with this service for an additional fee. Therefore, you do not have to spend extra money getting a visa and proving yourself to the concerned authorities.

Those who travel frequently to Europe should also be aware of certain travel advising issued by various tourist boards and the relevant requirements regarding entry requirements. US citizens traveling to Europe are required to visit the American Consulate in Milan and the Consulate in Paris. They are required to provide proof of immunization. British citizens need to visit Gatwick and Larnaca airports. Australian citizens need to obtain a visa before travelling to any EU country. Passport applications need to be submitted within 10 days from the entry requirements.

There are several restrictions that Americans need to know about when travelling to Europe. Visas are required for all citizens of the American continent regardless of their nationality. In most cases, there are substantial fines for non-payment of these visas. British citizens face restrictions on buying property in EU countries. The European Union uses the euro as its currency and British citizens are not allowed to use a British credit card to pay for items or rent a property in EU countries.

For those who plan to travel to Europe, the most important document to acquire is the EEC or Euro passport. There is an EEC or Euro identity card that can be used by British citizens who are EU citizens or children of EU citizens who are eligible for free travel around the European continent. British citizens can obtain a visa on arrival at the port of call if they have obtained a visitor visa prior to their travel to Europe. However, there are special exceptions for citizens of Bulgaria and Romania, as well as Greece and Italy.