Travel to Europe Is Safe and Advisable

It is amazing that so many US citizens travel to Europe each year. For most of us it is the first time we will be traveling outside of our own country, and we enjoy every minute of it! There are many reasons why we choose to travel to Europe, but perhaps the most common reason is for a wonderful holiday! Whether you are a student or retired, or if you just want to see the world, there is a European vacation or trip that is perfect for you.

Travel to Europe

The month of June is the month of festivities and music all over Europe. Music is everywhere, from the concerts and festival events all across the continent to the parades in cities throughout the United Kingdom. There are also a number of banned city parades as well. No matter what your reason for traveling to Europe, this is a great time to visit! Some of the cities you may wish to visit include:

London, UK: This is the hub of British culture, and many of us residents go on holiday there each year. There are a variety of different things to do while you are there. You can visit the British Museum of Natural History, or take in the royal gardens at the famous Park Royal. If you are planning a family holiday, the visa-free regime for tourists allows you to bring your entire family with you.

Paris, France: Few places in the world have more stunning architecture than Paris. When you are visiting, it is important to stay within the visa-free regime for tourists. Your hotel or other accommodation should be booked up, but the primary focus of your trip should be to see the historic city. Many of the museums are open to the public, but you will want to pay attention to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the gardens that surround it. The nightlife is top notch, and many of the shows are free to attend.

vaccination clinics: Those who travel to Europe often bring with them a disease-fighting kit. It’s a good thing that those traveling to the continent have access to high-quality health care. Many diseases have been dormant for years in other parts of the world, and outbreaks are less likely to occur in those areas because there is so little of the disease to spread. Those who are currently fighting the flu or have a child or older children who are sick should consider making a trip to Europe to get vaccinated.

Tourists can also be confident that they are protected while they are abroad. In many cases, travelers will be able to enter and leave the country with a full vaccination and visa. Travelers will need to provide proof of vaccinations upon arrival, and then provide proof of any treatment after leaving the country. The same procedures apply if one wants to re-purchase an import ticket. No matter when a visitor leaves the country, they must follow the same procedures if they want to get a new import flight.

Travel to Europe also offers a higher rate of safety than in the United States. Unlike in the US, passengers from certain countries – including Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Algeria – can fly to the US without a special license. However, international travel between European countries requires a traveler to undergo a rapid antigen test. This test verifies that a traveler has not become ill from a specific germ that could cause a serious illness within three months of travel to Europe.

The CDC recommends that all travelers wishing to travel to Europe should consult with a travel clinic or health care professional before leaving, and that those traveling to Europe should be up to date on their vaccinations. Those who have already traveled to the area can visit a local clinic for a complete physical. Those who are considering traveling to Europe should also review and follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC to reduce the chance of an outbreak.