Travel to Europe – Are Un Vaccinated Americans Visitors Safe?

As an American traveling to Europe for business purposes, I am often asked if I have to show proof of my citizenship in order to travel to Europe. The truth is that there are many countries in Europe that do not require American citizenship in order to visit them. In many cases, you can just show a passport and enter the country. There are some restrictions, however, on the travel of Americans to certain countries.

Travel to Europe

Most European countries require that all citizens over 18 years old have valid passports or proof of citizenship from the United States. These requirements were put in place in response to the influx of illegal immigrants from the United States that traveled to Europe. In fact, in many parts of Europe, U.S. citizens are not even allowed to enter the country without a passport. This is a guideline that applies whether traveling between member countries or to other destinations within the continent.

Some of the countries that do require proof of citizenship are Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Luxembourg, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark. Each of these requires travelers to have a valid passport from the United States. Proof of residence is also required in most cases. This will include proof of residence within the continental United States, such as a lease agreement, billboard or other records. Tourists may need to provide additional documentation, including a copy of a birth certificate, when traveling outside of the European Union.

Tourists can still visit all of the European Union member countries without proving their identity. For example, a visitor from the U.S. would have to show proof of identity such as a driver’s license or a passport before being allowed into the country. However, most tourists are able to move around Europe without any restrictions. Tourists can visit all of the member countries without having to prove their identity.

Travel to Europe by boat is not permitted. There are several types of regulations in place regarding the movement of goods from one country to another. These laws generally include a quarantine period. Quarantine is strictly enforced and applies to people moving from the European Union to the United States. Travel from the United States to Canada also falls under this quarantine period. Queries about whether or not travel between the United Kingdom and the EU is quarantined should a request be made.

Tourists are not required to apply for a visa prior to traveling to Europe. However, many do apply for visas and immigration documents before leaving for vacation. Many of these people will use these documents to enter Europe visa free. While applying for a visa is not required, it is strongly recommended. It is possible to apply for a visa online, through a U.S. embassy or by phone.

There is a severe outbreak of measles currently underway in Mexico along the United States border. Should a traveler from the United States fall ill with this disease, they may find that entering Europe would make it more difficult to obtain a visa. Therefore, quarantining travelers coming from Mexico into the continent to avoid catching this deadly virus is necessary to prevent the disease from spreading throughout the EU.

Traveling to Europe may seem like a tranquil experience, but it is actually quite stressful for both the traveler and the un-vaccinated tourist. Those traveling to the EU must take all precautions to avoid catching any diseases while they are there. Un vaccinated citizens of the United States are advised to seek out special immunization records before traveling to any part of the EU.