Travel to China

If you’re planning a trip to Asia, one of the first countries you should consider is China. Although Hong Kong and Taiwan are nearby, they’re still quite a ways away in terms of culture and infrastructure. People don’t get used to the lifestyle on the mainland China, and as a result, it can be quite hard getting around. However, once you’ve been to the city and seen all its beauty and charm, you won’t ever want to go back to the local lifestyle again. So if you’re thinking of taking a trip to Asia, what should you expect?

The country’s bureaucracy isn’t especially strict, but travellers must know their way around to avoid trouble. In most cases, if you don’t get around the city by certain routes, you will be fined or sometimes even arrested. And while there aren’t any airfields in China, you’ll need to get a license to exit and enter from one. So it’s usually a good idea to be prepared for anything that could happen. Luckily, driving in China is fairly easy and you won’t need a passport to drive anywhere – there are designated driver’s workshops where you can learn all about driving in China. Don’t try it without getting the proper training first.

Quarantine is another thing that travellers should be aware of. Quarantine is basically when a traveller from outside the country is allowed to enter but not allowed to leave. China has a separate Immigration Law for this, but to give you a brief idea, it states that “any person who entered China contrary to the provisions of the law and who has entered the country after the coming into force of the Foreign Trade Ordinance of July 13th, 1947, may be detained in any of the foreign territories for not exceeding three days and on application of the authorities, the Secretary of State may extend such a restriction.” Quarantine is a very real possibility for travellers to China, so you should be prepared for it.

Getting a Chinese visa is pretty easy for those who have a valid reason for travelling to China. To get a visa, you’ll need to apply either at the Chinese embassy in your own country or at the foreign ministry in Beijing. Both will take about a month to process. However, there are some other options. You can save yourself quite a bit of hassle and fuss by travelling directly to China via a private, state-owned flight and then applying for a visa upon arrival via your own Chinese embassy.

The main areas of China where foreigners are restricted are for trade and travel; these include all of the cities within China as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is strictly forbidden to travel out of these cities for any period of time, unless it is for tourism purposes. This includes all of the travelling in China that involves public health or medical issues and even the purchase of goods from China.

When it comes to travelling outside of the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Beijing, all travellers are required to have a valid visa before travelling to China. However, some exceptions do exist. For example, there is now a fast-track immigration clearance programme available for Chinese national citizens who wish to visit Hong Kong. As with all other nationalities, once you have become a permanent resident of Hong Kong you can apply for an annual visa for Hong Kong, which is then valid for twelve months. This is one of the easier ways to reach China and is worth considering if you have friends or family in the Chinese mainland who are planning to visit.

While there are many cities within the Chinese mainland, travellers should avoid travelling to Hong Kong. In recent years, Hong Kong has seen a massive increase in tourists, many of whom do not follow the correct etiquette when they are on mainland China. There have also been cases where travellers have been unable to enter the country, owing to bad behaviour by some tourists. If you plan on visiting Hong Kong, you should make sure that you follow the correct etiquette when you are in the country.

When it comes to actually getting to China, it is possible to fly to the mainland via Hong Kong, although this option does require a work permit. The easiest way to get a work permit is to go through the Chinese embassy in Hong Kong and get a letter of invitation from them. Work permits can be collected from the airport once you have received your letter of invitation. It is also possible to get a visa directly from the Chinese embassy, but this process is much more time consuming.