Travel to China With No Work Visa & Unusually Expensive Fees

Travel to China

Travel to China With No Work Visa & Unusually Expensive Fees

The Chinese government does not like it when foreigners travel to China and wants people to leave the country. This could be because they have valid reasons or it could be because of the large numbers. It seems China wants everything to be about tourism, and they are worried that foreigners may upset the country by not only traveling to China, but also by staying there for a long time. In other words, China wants everything to be about business, or at least it seems that way. This could be why the exit visa policy was implemented.

The implementation of the exit visa restriction on travelers originating from China has caused quite a stir in the foreign community in China. Many of them fear that it is a government attempt to control their movement. Some people compare the visa restrictions with the ones implemented during the Cultural Revolution.

The reason the Chinese government implemented an exit visa policy is that it wanted to protect China’s tourists from the infiltration of illegal agents from neighboring countries. These agents would bring goods into the country that were not allowed, and this would damage the image of China. So the embassy sent out letters to all of its embassy posts requesting that they not permit their staff members to enter the country under any circumstances that require a visa. If they are caught, these officials can face severe consequences.

On the other hand, some foreigners are glad that the Chinese authorities may be trying to crack down on the number of visitors who enter the country via airplane. This is because many people travel to China on plane and ship out their belongings as part of their vacation plans. In other words, they are tourists, and if they do not have a visa, they are likely to be sent back home. While there are many details to be ironed out, travelers should be happy to know that they will no longer be able to do so.

The current rules on traveling to China with a visitor visa state that the following acts shall not be construed to be in contravention of the law of the land: soliciting business (including any work permit), accepting employment or business opportunity, and purchasing or leasing property. Along with these acts, the traveler shall not be detained by any member of the Chinese National Police Department or the Ministry of Public Security. Entry into China may still be restricted by a ban on the export of capital or payments of financial debts from China. If a person does not have a work permit and cannot enter China without one, he or she may apply for a special commercial travel visa.

One point of contention between China and the United States has been over the imposition of a ban on flights from certain Chinese cities to the U.S. Many of the flights were supposed to fly from the largest Chinese cities to the smaller cities of Hong Kong and Taipei. There are now over 200 cities that have flights going to the U.S. from China. Some of the flights that have been canceled include those from Taipei and Hong Kong as well as many other smaller cities. A flight from Chongqing to Beijing was also canceled recently due to Chinese citizens refusing to board the plane.

When traveling to China with a visitor visa and no work permit, it is important to remember to seek an alternative method of entry into China. Visas can only be obtained through the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country. Work permits can only be obtained from the Chinese government. Therefore, it is wise to obtain your work visa from the Chinese embassy or consulate before departing for China and purchase tickets there. Otherwise, once you arrive in China and have no work permit, you will not have access to the documents that you need to enter China legally.

For additional information on this matter, be sure to contact either the American Consulate in Beijing or the U.S. Embassy in China before traveling to China. The State Department’s webpage on travel advice and security precautions in China provides detailed information on the issues of travel insurance and passports. You may also contact the State Department’s Consular Affairs Division for further advice on your specific situation. If you are unable to find adequate information on these matters, please contact the American Consulate in China or your own U.S. Embassy for further assistance.