Travel to China – Where to Find Travel Information About Travel to China

Travel to China

Travel to China – Where to Find Travel Information About Travel to China

Travel to China is not as easy today as it once was. The PRC government’s tightening control on who can travel outside the country has made international travel to China very difficult. You still able to get there though. And, with the proper research and planning you can have a great trip. In this article I will cover some of the options you have for travel to China today.

Travel to China by Foreign nationals-since the PRC implemented a tightened travel policy in July 2021, travel to China by non VISTA (foreign visitors) has been difficult. Beginning on July 29th 2021, travel to China by foreign nationals was suddenly banned. There is no longer any free entry into China. Visitors must obtain a visa prior to traveling to China and then they must wait in a variety of Chinese airports for up to fourteen days while their application is processed. If you are a foreign national staying in China on a visa and want to travel out of the country, this could present a problem for you.

Before implementing this new policy for foreign nationals holding Temporary Work Permit(TRP)-visa from any of the overstocked China flights it was quite simple to get a visa. Foreign nationals holding a TBP could visit China and return on their completed visa which would then be valid throughout the year. This is no longer the case. If you are a foreign national holding a TBP and want to travel out of the country, you must apply for a new visa ahead of time. If you are issued a fresh visa before your current one is due to expire, you can stay in China legally without any restrictions. However, if you are unable to remain in the country for fourteen days or more your visa expires and you are unable to travel outside of China.

Traveling by Business visa foreign national permits to enter China are easier to get than many people realise. The fact is there are two different types of permits that can be obtained. The first category of permits is business visas. These permits are valid for up to six months and are good for both traveling within the country and also travelling to and from outside of the country.

The second type of permits available for Chinese citizens are business identity cards. These cards are also valid for a limited period of time and are useful for foreigners wishing to visit China for work purposes. Chinese national employers do not require foreigners to have a work permit prior to employing them. If you wish to work in China you need to be able to show that you have a Chinese business identity rather than a social security number.

If you are a foreigner wishing to work in China without a business visa it can sometimes be difficult to leave the country. However, there are ways around these restrictions. You can apply for a Work Permit, which is a special type of visa that can be collected by visiting the Chinese embassy or consulate. Once you have left China for an extended period of time and are intending to travel back to China, you can make a Chinese visa application for your return trip. Again, if you have applied for a business visa and are unable to leave the country you may be able to stay on in China under certain circumstances.

As well as obtaining a Work Permit from the Chinese embassy or consulate you may also be able to stay in China without a visa if you have another citizenship. For example, you may be a British citizen by birth but want to live and work in china. If this is the case you can apply to leave your old nationality and use your birth certificate as your new visa. Many international companies do allow their employees to work in china using their former nationality’s passport. If this is the case with you then you may be able to see local laws and regulations pertaining to dual nationality situations in China before you leave the country.

Although the Chinese government has specific travel policies for citizens of their country it is advisable to seek information from the Chinese embassy or consulate of whichever country you intend to travel to in the future. You should find out whether there are any travel restrictions or quarantine rules that you will need to adhere to whilst you are abroad. You can usually expect to be asked to depart from a Chinese airport although this can vary between airports. However, if you are travelling from a UK airport then you are unlikely to need to worry about any travel conditions at all.