Travel to China – What You Should Know About Chinese Immigration Laws

Travel to China is mostly subject to visa inspection. However, there are some areas that do not require you to have a visa. You may still be able to travel to China though, but you might want to plan your trip with the help of a private tour organizer or a travel agent. There are also many areas that require you to have a visa in order to stay.

Chinese Visa Information: Travel to China may require you to obtain a visa. You’ll want to check with your travel insurance to confirm that your coverage will cover you for your trip. The Chinese government has implemented a policy of strictly regulating travel inside the country. There is a high risk of arrest and prison time for citizens caught trying to illegally enter China or travel abroad. You can avoid the risks of arrest and prison by obtaining travel insurance.

Chinese Visa Policy: Travel to China requires you to have a Chinese visa. You can only acquire a Chinese visa from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Foreign tourists who wish to apply for a Chinese visa must do so by visiting the embassy in China. Foreign travelers originating from the United Kingdom are not required to have a visa.

Travel to China by Boat: The Chinese government may not allow tourists to travel by sea. However, there are some routes through which you can obtain a Chinese visa if you do so by boat. The Gobi Desert route and the Yellow Sea route are two good routes. If you do not have your own boat, you can rent one in China. Be sure to hire a captain who can ensure your safety. Make sure your passport is with him while you are away.

Travel to China by Train: This route is usually free of restrictions but there are some you need to know about. When traveling between China and Taiwan or among Tibet, Inner Mongolia, the authorities may block your exit from China when you reach land. They may also prevent you from re-entry into China once you have returned. These restrictions usually apply to travelers from US, Canada, and EU countries.

Travel to China by Bus: There are no restrictions on traveling by bus to China, but there are some you need to be aware of. On buses, foreign passengers are not allowed to sit in the front or on the left. They are instead seated in the middle. The reason for this is that China does not recognise the existence of their citizens residing abroad. They will not allow foreigners to sit in the front of the bus either.

Travel to China by Boat: There are no restrictions on traveling by boat to China, but you should know what the legal requirements are. You must have the proper documents and pass through many stages of screening before you will be released to travel. Many Chinese citizens who wish to travel to other countries do not have these necessary documents. This means that they could be subjected to detention.

Travel to China by Sea/ Airways: A Chinese national who wishes to travel to another country can do so easily by air or sea but in some cases, you may be detained upon arrival. This is due to the US practice of boarding Chinese passengers at the ports of entry. Because of China’s reliance on the US for defense and support, they view any non Sina Chinese aboard US navy ships as a potential security risk. The United States has similar rules for Chinese passengers when they board US airlines.