Travel to China – Things to Keep in Mind

If you have ever dreamed of traveling to an ancient civilization, travel to China! However, there are a few things to keep in mind before heading out. In addition to the obvious cultural differences, China has some major environmental issues. Air pollution is an ongoing issue in most major cities, and it is best to limit your sightseeing to areas with clean air. Monsoons and typhoons are also common in the country, and you should avoid taking photos in areas prone to flooding.

First, remember that a visa is required for travel in China. It is advisable to apply online at the China Embassy if you’re planning a trip. If you’re only staying in China for 72 hours, you may qualify for an expedited 72-hour visa. Besides that, remember that you’ll probably have to deal with the Great Firewall. This blockage of Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook can be a hassle, especially if you’re visiting the country for an extended period.

You may also face problems if you’re not sure whether or not to obtain a Chinese visa. Chinese authorities rarely disclose a list of banned and sanctioned entities, and you can’t get a visa on arrival unless you’re in a major city. You’ll also need to contact a lawyer and visit the nearest Chinese embassy to inquire about possible travel restrictions. If you’re worried about your safety while in China, don’t travel!

Although China has loosened its visa requirements for incoming travellers, it is still essential to check if you have a health problem before traveling there. In some cases, you may have to take an antigen test prior to arriving in the country. Luckily, this requirement has been relaxed in recent years. In the past, you can travel to China without a problem! If you don’t know whether you’re immune to the disease or not, you should consult with a doctor.

Fortunately, China has mostly recovered from the recent outbreak of the avian influenza virus, although there are still some regional cases in Shanghai. In general, the virus is now well controlled, and the country’s health code is green again. However, you should avoid areas with a high risk, unless you have a health code. Typically, you’ll need a valid passport, mask, and negative nucleic acid test results.