Travel to China – The Effectiveness of Banned Travel to China Revealed

Americans can still travel to China and right back to the US. However, they must do it through a licensed travel agency. People caught with a serious contagious disease would be sent back to their country immediately. If they displayed symptoms, the travellers would then to stay home and call a physician if they felt any.

Travel to China

In July of last year, the Chinese government announced that all US citizens traveling to China would be subjected to a travel ban. At the time, no one was sure what the Chinese government’s intentions were, especially considering that it was not implementing a total ban. The restrictions only lasted for a little over a month and then were lifted completely. However, some states still have a mandate quarantine for those travelling from abroad.

In January this year the Chinese released another Travel to China advisory. This time it was reported that the revised Chinese travel ban included a level 4 virus. The new level four virus is associated with an outbreak of bird flu. Those who are travelling from North America will not be permitted to fly to China or anywhere in the area of Asia where the bird flu exists.

Airlines flying to Beijing and other major Chinese cities did not start operating until March the following year. All international flights to and from Beijing are cancelled except for emergency flights. Many people who were able to travel during the ban have found themselves stranded in China. They cannot leave the country because they cannot find a suitable hotel or resort to sleep in. Many have become reclusive and have even lost contact with family members. All flights to and from Beijing are now only for business travellers.

Tourists are reporting feeling anxiety and fear when travelling to China. Some have been turned away from hotels and resorts due to fears of being contaminated by disease. Others have cancelled vacations entirely. One travel company has even gone out of business due to the large numbers of cancellations by its customers. While the government has done all it can to inform the public about the risks of traveling to China, it is important for citizens travelling to China to take precautions themselves.

While it is difficult to imagine how long the Chinese tourism industry can be shut down while waiting for the Banned Travel to China Act to be reintroduced into the US Congress, it is safe to speculate that it may be years before the ban is implemented fully. Until it is the ban will effectively prevent foreigners from visiting one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Some of the countries which have implemented the ban have yet to announce a final date when foreign nationals will be allowed to return to China. Until then, millions of citizens of the United States will have to rely on other means to visit China.

There are reports from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the Department of Homeland Security is expecting a ban on all US travel to South Korea due to the ongoing trade war. The reclusive country is still locked in a fierce battle with its southern neighbor, which is economically and politically in pole position to succeed. The reclusive country’s main export and the most traded item are seafood. The ban is expected to be effective February 7th.

For travelers originating from the Visa Waiver Program nations, a ban on all tourism products originating in China would make travelling to China difficult. A ban could severely hurt the $3 trillion US seafood industry. American seafood producers depend on the sale of Chinese shrimp, crab, and fish to keep operating. The potential loss of a major source of revenue will make any changes in visa restrictions difficult to implement.