Travel to China – The Basics of Visa Requirements

Travel to China can be exciting and fun but it is important that you follow a few guidelines before you travel to China. Traveling to China may require that you obtain a visa prior to traveling there. You will also want to have a valid passport to travel to China. Chinese Visa Application Centers are available throughout the world. Beginning on 4 November, the Chinese Government announced the suspension of all entries into China by non-inese nationals in the UK hold Chinese visas or residence documents.

There are certain travel advisories issued by the State Department regarding travel to China. If you plan to travel to China, a current passport is required for all foreign nationals, even if you are traveling for business purposes. The State Department warns against the purchase of travel-related equipment from any country that requires you to purchase a license or registration for the use of their products. These items may not be used for inspection in China. Travel to China may be hazardous for those who have restricted or no medical travel history.

The Department of State reminds travelers to avoid the area surrounding the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Beijing. Travel to China may require you to have an international quarantine. Travel to China may require you to undergo a health screening, such as HIV and Hepatitis A testing. There are some areas that are off limits to foreign nationals. Travel to China may require you to register and pay fees and taxes at designated tourist zones.

Travel to China may require you to enter china through one of the approximately eleven different airports around the world. The largest airport in China is in Shanghai. You can also enter china at the Hefei International Airport. Some foreign nationals choose to enter China through the Hong Kong airport.

Travel to China requires that you follow the regulations set forth by the Chinese government and by the Chinese customs. The State Department provides detailed travel advice information to its citizens about travel to China. To find out the travel advice for your region and country, log onto the Department’s website. There is a wealth of resources on the site, including: Country Specific Travel Advice and Health Advisories. The Department of State’s webpage on travel warns against the purchase of certain electronic and non-electronic items in China and recommends that you do not buy items in China that have not been approved for export.

When traveling to China, you must obtain exit visas from the Chinese authorities. There are many methods for obtaining exit visas, including: entering via Hong Kong or any other exit point that allows you to leave via train or plane. The Chinese government imposes exit visa fees for all departing residents of China. Your travel visa will help facilitate your free movement within the country.

A work permit is required when you leave China for any reason, even to return home. You can obtain your work permit upon arrival in China or at any of the six main visa office in the country. Once you have obtained your work permit, you will be eligible to apply for leave to apply for a residence visa. Work permits are usually only available for six months, however, and you should apply for your leave visa soon after you get your work permit.

If you have a family member in China or plan to bring one soon, you should consider getting a visitor visa even if you do not have a family member currently residing in China. Visas are very easy to get and only require a printed application or a fee of $eanor. If you do not have a Chinese work permit or you cannot get a visa upon arrival in China, you will be required to stay in China until you obtain a visa. The Chinese authorities will request that you leave the country once you receive a visa but can also detain and send back anyone who will not follow their orders. For more information on visiting China without a work permit, visit the U.S. embassy in Beijing.