Travel to China – Security Considerations

Do you intend to travel to China? Well, your decision to visit the great country of China will be based on many factors. One of these is the fact that it is a wonderful place with lots of amazing attractions. If you are travelling to China as a tourist, you will find that entry requirements are not tough to fulfill and that too quite easily. As a foreigner who wishes to enter China for business purposes, it is imperative that you have the necessary documents in order to facilitate fast and easy processing.

China has a different policy regarding foreign tourists and foreigners who have become residents of the country. Some countries impose certain restrictions on foreigners who intend to live in China while others do not allow foreigners to come to China at all. There are countries that restrict the entry of all visitors from outside the Shanghai Stock Exchange and there are some that limit the entry of tourists coming directly from Hong Kong. It is therefore, upon your own discretion to decide whether or not you need to obtain a visa in advance to China. You can contact the Chinese authorities to find out more about the regulations pertaining to your intended trip.

The current government is still trying to improve the global image of their country and the country has introduced a series of new measures in an effort to reform the inefficient system of administration. They have reintroduced the Shanghai Protocol that prohibits the travel of certain types of travelers. This includes all people coming from the Economic block of seven countries including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and South Korea. The restrictions are only for citizens of those countries who are on business in China and not for people who visit China for tourism purposes.

In addition to the Shanghai Protocol, the current government has introduced Entry Policies for Foreign Visitors to China which are still in effect as of this writing. These Entry Policies restricts the number of foreign tourists that can enter China every year. On some occasions, foreign visitors are even required to apply for visas before entering the country. You can check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for updated information on the current Entry Policy.

China’s Exit and Entrance Ban: The Chinese State Security Ministry recently issued a decree which states that all citizens of China who want to leave the country for any reason will need to obtain written permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs no later than thirty days prior to the departure date. There are three levels of approval for the request. The first level is for citizens traveling to China for inspection purposes only. The second level is for citizens who are planning to extend their stay in the country and subsequently plan to visit relatives in China or other foreign countries. The last level of approval is for citizens who are traveling to China to visit family and cannot return to their home country due to reasons of health or other personal concerns. Each of these three levels of approval has different requirements and will likely vary depending on your reason for traveling.

The reason for the ban on leaving the country for tourists includes threats of terrorism and activities by international terrorists, which could disrupt air travel into and out of China. Citizens of selected countries traveling to China are also prohibited from taking part in activities which promote the use of weapons of mass destruction within or near China. Some tourists may be forbidden from traveling to China if there is a threat that they could get caught or be harmed by Chinese security forces while in the country. In addition, there are other ban-related stipulations on traveling to China including not traveling to certain Chinese-occupied territories including the Tibet Autonomous Region and the islands which are considering Chinese territorial waters.

U.S. Citizens: Visitors to China are not normally banned from bringing electronic or personal items with them as long as they are coming to the country for tourism purposes. However, there are some travel restrictions that American travelers may face. Some Chinese-owned banks require that travelers provide a U.S. bank statement as proof that they are legitimate Americans. American citizens who are denied entry into China may have to settle other issues with their Canadian or other foreign counterparts. While some American businessmen have been able to enter the country without any problems, others have had difficulty obtaining access to banking institutions in China. There is also a risk of being unable to leave China due to a lack of valid travel documentation.

Tourists can enjoy greater freedoms when visiting China for tourism if the above-mentioned travel restrictions are avoided. Individuals who plan to travel to China should ensure that they submit their visa application to the proper authorities without rushing. They should also be careful to review their invitation letter from a travel agent before mailing their application to the Chinese consulate. Finally, travellers must ensure that they follow all travel advisories given by the Chinese authorities.