Travel to China – Quarantine Requirements

It is time to Travel to China. Beijing is the capital of China, and the most important Chinese city. To get there you will need a passport, or at least valid travel documentation to visit China for tourism purposes. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a travel advisory advising citizens to avoid traveling during the Chinese New Year, which falls in late January to mid-February.

If you are unable to reach the Chinese consulate in time for your travel date, the State Department issues a travel alert, or “yellow card,” indicating that you are inadvisable to travel to China. The reason given for this warning is the widespread Chinese New Year celebration that occurs in late February through early March. Thousands of Chinese celebrate this event by flooding the country with tourists from the United States and other Western countries. Many of these illegal immigrants will be detained in buses, trains, and sea vessels en route to their destinations. If caught, they can expect to be subjected to detention, fines, and sometimes deportation.

Before attempting to Travel to China, it is advisable to obtain at least two passport photos, one from each of you, both with a current country of residence. You also need to show a medical visa (usually a tourist visa), immunization records, and at times, even a business visa from your home country. Chinese authorities will require at least two photos of you, including one taken within the last ten years. You will need to produce an itinerary, visa, and any other documents required by the Chinese authorities. The authorities will also likely request permission from you to enter the country, and may even require you to appear in person to discuss your travel plans.

There are, however, alternatives to a full-blown Visa Waiver for China. There are ways to Travel to China legally and acquire a visa without needing to rely on the Chinese government. These options include a “Visa Waiver for Business Visitors” or “Unofficial Option for Business Travelers to China” – either can be obtained through your high school or through a UK embassy. British consuls often handle these types of visas.

In addition to Travel to China with a Chinese visa, there are some minor requirements for foreign nationals planning to Travel to China. The first requirement is that all passengers leaving the USA must have a valid passport. Some tourists may not have passports and must instead apply for a temporary one from the Chinese embassy. These are temporary permits that are good for up to six months. After your six month period, you must apply for a full foreign visitor visa.

Besides Travel to China with a Chinese visa and a British passport, some foreign nationals may have to rely on other forms of international travel documentation, including a Work Permit for China and Employment Certifications from Chinese employers. Work permits are required for all workers, even those not coming to work for an employer. Although Chinese officials say that most employees in China are free to work, many companies still have controls in place regarding foreign labor. To work in China, you must have a valid work permit.

There are several different entry requirements for foreign nationals planning to Travel to China. Before travelling, it is important to confirm that your passport is valid and allow time to reach your destination. You should also confirm that you have all the documents you need to prove your identity, such as your flight schedule, passport and immunization certificates. It is important to know that entry requirements vary between the cities you plan to travel to and the types of visas you can obtain. Entry requirements for Chinese tourists usually include a visit to a designated quarantine location. Quarantine locations are controlled by the PRC.

If you are travelling to China on business, you will need a special business visa. Your business must be registered with the Chinese Embassy before you can apply for a business visa. Many Chinese nationals do not understand the complicated entry requirements for their trip. For assistance with your Chinese visa application, or if you are unsure of Chinese quarantine requirements, please contact the embassy in your country or an experienced immigration lawyer.