Travel to China – New Travel Ban Announcements

Travel to China can be a life changing experience for many who choose to visit the country. There have been several incidences of individuals travelling abroad, becoming the victim of scams in China. Unfortunately, there have also been stories of individuals travelling to China being arrested upon arrival. Travel to China can be a fun and exciting time, however there are some risks involved in doing so. It is important to be aware of what to expect if you do decide to travel to China. Following are some tips that can help to make your experience safe and enjoyable.

Travel to China

The Chinese government has implemented visa restrictions on citizens travelling to and from the country. Visa restrictions began in August of 2021 and have remained ever since. Citizens of certain countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea are not able to enter China without obtaining a visa.

There are three types of visas that citizens of China can obtain to enter the country. They are: business entry permit, student entry permit and work permit. Business entry permits allow businessmen to enter and exit the country without being required to remain in China for a business trip. Student permits are only given to students studying in China or accredited officials of foreign educational institutions. Work permits are only given to people working in China. A work permit is required if the person wishes to travel outside of China to work.

The majority of travellers to China will require at least one form of valid identification when arriving in China. These forms are known as CPC visa, PBT visa and HPT visa. CPC visa is required for all travellers wishing to enter the country. PBT and HPT are required for tourists and people leaving the country. Your passport will not be accepted by the Chinese authorities when entering or leaving the country without a visa.

Travellers who are travelling to China are advised to use the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for advice on their entry requirements. The webpage includes a list of countries, their entry requirements and their recommended dates. Travelers should avoid travelling during the period of the China’s stock market index coming down. The stock market crash happened during the week of the outbreak of the Chinese civil war. As well, travellers are advised that travelling during the Chinese New Year can be an extremely dangerous time.

Travel to China is not easy for those who do not have knowledge of the country and its different regions. Before travelling, it is advisable to contact a reliable foreign tourist agency that provides travel advice to China. Some agencies provide information on travel to China based on accommodation options. Other agencies provide information on which flights are available depending on the season.

On 11 January 2021, China’s State-Owned Airlines conducted flight cancellations and border closures after a series of deadly subway explosions in northeast China. On that day, the Chinese authorities issued an emergency bulletin announcing that all Chinese airports were being shut down. This advisory was in reaction to the subway explosions that killed dozens of Chinese tourists and injured many more. It stated that all Chinese flights would be suspended until further notice.

The circular also stated that all Chinese nationals travelling outside China should consider only purchasing travel documents from a recognized travel agency. The circular further warned that no person may enter China unless the person is carrying valid travel documents from their own country. The circular further advised that no goods may be brought into China unless they are registered with the customs. The circular banned all imports and exports from the offending country and blocked all Chinese banks from opening new accounts in any foreign countries.