Travel to China – Measures Taken to Control Undesirable Immigration

Travel to China is restricted to those with an express visa from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You need to have a visa to travel to China. Chinese Visa Application centres opened in all major cities across the UK on 4 November. On 4 November, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the suspension of entry to China by non-inese nationals in the UK who hold Chinese visas or permanent residency permits. The announcement did not say why the Chinese were withdrawing their visa approval approvals.

There are no flights to China from the United Kingdom for now. This was announced on 6 December, in an official statement released from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The spokesperson for the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said that the decision to impose an entry ban on Chinese citizens was taken “in view of the serious deterioration of the situation.” He gave no explanation as to why the Chinese government had suddenly and abruptly banned all flights to China from the UK. No flights have yet been scheduled to China from the UK. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not issued any travel advisory or tightened travel restrictions.

The Chinese Government has not issued any travel warnings or tightened its travel restrictions. The British Airways Group, Lufthansa and British Airway had already suspended all flights to China. Hong Kong’s Hang Lung International Airport also announced that it had suspended all scheduled flights to China. Taipei’s Maoming International Airport also reported that it has suspended Chinese flights due to the deteriorating security situation. The largest airport in China, Beijing had no flights to China from the UK earlier this month. Many airlines had already suspended or cancelled their flights to China.

The reasons for the sudden travel ban were not given by the Chinese Government. It is believed that the ban may be related to the ongoing Tibetan independence movements in Tibet. Many nations including the United Kingdom and the United States are trying to mediate between the Dalai Lama and the Chinese government. Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner is still currently in exile in Tibet and is appealing for the Chinese Government to free him and return him to his rightful country.

The first reaction of the Chinese Government to the announcement by the British to impose travel restrictions to China was to ban all flights to south Korea. There was an attempt to prevent direct flights to Seoul from Beijing to south Korea. The first explanation from the Chinese Government made it very clear that the move is politically motivated. The second explanation came from the United Kingdom’s Department of Transport, who said that it is assessing the impact of the new policy and will offer its view at a later date.

There is no legal justification for the Chinese government to ban flights to China and it has appealed to the United Nations to stop the Chinese airlines from complying with this request. The Chinese Government has also made repeated calls to the United States and Canada to stop all inspections on Chinese ships coming into their ports. Recently, the British MP John Leech has also raised the issue of travel to China with the foreign secretary of the UK. The United Kingdom Foreign Office has also notified all countries which have observer status in China that they must refrain from providing any assistance to the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama has rejected the Chinese government’s request and has warned that he will visit China once again.

The United States has also imposed some travel restrictions to China. On January 11, the State Department notified all citizens traveling to China that they will not be allowed to enter the country without a government-approved itinerary. On January 14, the State Department released another travel advisory reminding all citizens that they will be banned from entering China if they are caught trying to illegally enter the country. The British Foreign Office issued a similar travel advisory and the Dutch government has announced that it will ban its citizens from entering China. Sweden and Germany have also imposed travel restrictions on citizens travelling to China.

Simultaneously, on effective January 1st, the Chinese government announced that the communist government will impose an exit visa restriction starting from twenty-one March. This means that all the people of the people s republic of China within fourteen days prior to the implementation of this measure will not be allowed to leave the country. All the people will be required to stay in China and apply for Chinese exit visa once they reach the airport upon arrival. These measures are designed to prevent illegal immigration and to control the activities of illegal traders who overstay in China.