Travel to China – Measures Following the Implementation of a Permanent Bar on Immigration

Travel to China can be a fantastic experience for both Western and Chinese people. There are many beautiful sights to see in this fascinating country. There are some people that get interested by just seeing things around China because they get a thrill from seeing different cultures and their way of life. If you are one of these people who just loves to take pictures then you should have no problem finding a way to get into China. The country is very well developed and you will not run out of things to see. Here is a short description of what you should expect if you decide to travel to China.

Chinese Travel Restrictions: As tensions with North Korea are increasing, the Chinese government has implemented several travel restrictions. Entry into the People’s Republic of China has been banned on March 31st. Travel outside of the Beijing area has also been banned for citizens. Avoid Non-essential travel to China.

No More Overflight Tickets: On April 4th the government announced that all airlines operating in China will be required to purchase tickets from the PRC only. All flights to and from the western region of China will now only operate from state-owned companies. This measure was implemented as part of the ongoing efforts to implement an integrated transport system across the country. Although this measure does not directly affect flights to Hong Kong and Taipei, travelers should still check with their airlines before travelling to China to see if they have any flights scheduled from the area.

New Entry Policies Regarding Foreign Visitors: On March 15th, the State-Owned National Development Bank announced new entry policies affecting foreign visitors to China. The policy restricts all foreigners, especially those from Western countries, from personally collecting Chinese citizens’ personal information, including credit card details. This includes taking photographs or filming people at sensitive locations. This will apply to both entering and exiting the country. The move comes in response to widespread reports of abuses against foreign nationals in China’s border areas.

Measures Taken to Improve International Image: In late February the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made an announcement regarding its plan to upgrade China’s international image. According to this plan, the Ministry will work on creating a more “open” approach to its foreign relations. Foreign affairs officials are also said to work with the US, European Union, and Japan in promoting human rights in China and boosting trade ties. The plan also calls for more cooperation between the World Trade Organization and China’s domestic market. There is no word on whether this plan will be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in time for the China’s Olympics in 2021.

Suspended All Flights to China, Effective February 1st: On February 1st the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that all scheduled flights to China would be temporarily suspended. The Ministry additionally announced that the Chinese government has imposed an entry ban on all passengers from China to participate in the forthcoming Olympics in Brazil. The move is expected to reduce the number of foreigners who attempt to enter China via Brazil and reduce the number of tourists from China who intend to travel to the country. Additionally, the Chinese government has restricted all Chinese flights to the Philippines as well. This measure was reportedly implemented due to Manila’s support of the Dalai Lama, the Tibetans, and other peacefully-minded people.

Entry Ban Goes Into Effect on January 31st: The Chinese government has announced that all Chinese flights to and from Hong Kong will be suspended all together starting from the effective January 1st. The move comes as a result of the current outbreak of violence in China’s Tibetan region. The Ministry further stated that the new restrictions will enable the Chinese authorities to “humanely crack down on the violent Tibetan activities that have been occurring in the region.” It is unclear as to why the government decided to implement an entry ban when there have been no recent incidents involving the Tibetan region of China.

Emergency Medical Treatment Access: The new policy also bars Chinese citizens traveling to and from Hong Kong with valid temporary work permits from getting special access to emergency healthcare facilities in the former British colony. The move was reportedly done in compliance with the United Kingdom’s obligations to provide adequate emergency healthcare services to Chinese citizens who require assistance. It has been speculated that this is an effort to prevent Hong Kong medical professionals from assisting Chinese citizens in self-treatment facilities for various health conditions. The move is also in line with the Chinese government’s concern over the contagious nature of infectious diseases carried by travelers from Hong Kong. Such cases pose a serious threat to the overall health care system of China’s citizens.