Travel to China – Learn More About Your Immigration Options

Travel to China

Travel to China – Learn More About Your Immigration Options

The exit ban and entry ban on China have caused a lot of problems for foreign travelers who were hoping to travel to China. There was actually a time when it was entirely possible to fly to China and stay for 3 months or more. Unfortunately, the new rules and regulations coming from the Chinese government have made doing this not only impossible but also extremely difficult. On January 27th President Trump signed an executive order that banned all travel to and from China.

The reason given for this ban was that China has long been a major criminal nation. Many Americans have been detained in China due to their travel or business activities. The travel ban was then implemented in order to prevent citizens from taking advantage of the freedoms that Americans enjoy every day. If you are traveling to China right now, you may feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place if you want to visit.

There is still no effective way to obtain a visa to enter China. You can either visit the Chinese embassy in Washington DC or the embassy of your own country. You can also contact your local authorities directly and apply for a visa online. These methods are still fairly ineffective.

The most effective way to get a visa is by using one of the channels offered by the Chinese government. The Chinese government only issues visas to citizens of China. There are many private state-owned airlines that offer flights to China. On January 30th the State-owned airline ran a full schedule of flights to and from Beijing. This was the first time that such a service had been offered.

The State-owned airline offered a special fast-track program for Chinese nationals traveling abroad. Under the fast-track program, Chinese citizens could travel to China for an unlimited number of consecutive years. The primary advantage of this program was that once a person had obtained a valid visa, he/she could travel back to China every single year. The second major benefit was that once the person obtained another valid visa, he/she could travel back to China each year. Thus, the number of years in which a person could return to China was unlimited.

The Chinese authorities reversed the previous December 31st exit ban implemented by the previous Chinese government. At that time, the only country that could send travelers back home from China was China. Now, anybody can travel back to China as long as they have a valid visa. The reason for the reversal of the exit ban is that the Chinese authorities realized that their previous actions had negatively affected the global economy.

As a result, the Chinese authorities are offering travel advice to travellers who are considering travelling to China. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a travel advisory. According to this travel advice, all citizens travelling to China from January 1st to April 15th of this year will be required to obtain an exit visa. Furthermore, all travellers intending to leave China during the same period of time are required to apply for a new Chinese visa no later than one month from the date of their departure. While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released the travel advice, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei did not confirm whether individuals travelling to China from January 1st to April 15th will be required to obtain exit visas.

The travel advisory also advised Chinese nationals travelling to China to check in at the zones designated for foreigners and at designated international airports. Chinese nationals travelling on Business Visas should avoid showing any foreign bank card or identification documents. Observing these measures is said to be sufficient for fast-track immigration clearance. The requirements for fast-track immigration clearance depend on the nationality of the individual. Chinese nationals who do not hold a visa can still apply for fast-track immigration clearance. Individuals who hold a visa but require exit or entry clearance are advised to get in touch with the nearest Chinese consulate or authorities for any queries.