Travel to China – Learn Basic Mandarin

China is a large country to say the least and if you choose to learn it, you can live among life’s most incredible journeys. However, there are several obstacles that can arise along the way to China, but if you have some of the top tips to travel to China with a private guide, you’ll definitely pass these challenges and you’ll be on your way to enjoying the experience. Private guide to China tours will provide you with all of the information and resources you need for your trip. You will also get guidance in making the most of each and every place you visit.

Whether traveling as part of a group or as a single traveler, getting airfare is usually the biggest challenge for most people. However, if you’re organized and on top of things, getting cheap plane tickets can be easy. One of the easiest ways to travel to China is through private tour companies. If you plan to travel to China and use private tour companies, they will make sure everything is arranged before hand, including your flight dates, transportation to and from the airport, and even where you would like to stay during your time there. Many private tour companies will even include all of your meals and accommodations for the trip. And because they specialize in traveling to China, most will be able to tell you where the top sights are to see, where the greatest Chinese cities are, and the best places to explore.

No matter which direction you travel to in your private travels to China, whether you go by train or sea, your travel itinerary should include at least a few stops in cities rich in Chinese culture. Be sure to try out the local dishes and see how they are prepared. If you’re lucky, there will be a restaurant or two that specializes in Chinese food, and chances are one or more of these restaurants will also have a gift shop with many authentic Chinese goods. Don’t worry if the restaurant doesn’t have any English on its menu, as many Chinese restaurants in cities throughout the world have learned to speak English and are happy to help foreign travelers learn to order their Chinese dishes. If the restaurant does not speak English, just give them a quick call to find out what the Chinese name of their dish is and ask them what it’s like.

The third of our top China travel tips concerns getting a visa to China. China is one of the most popular destinations for international travelers, but getting a visa can be difficult for those who don’t know where to start looking. If you do not have a Chinese business contact or immediate family in China that you know can make the visa process easier, there are other options available. You can visit the embassy or consulate of your destination country to apply for a visa directly. This is an option for those who can speak fluent Mandarin, but do not have family in China who can help with the visa process.

There are some basic documents required for visa approval when traveling to China. These include: a passport with at least six months of validity from the date of application, original registration from the Chinese diplomatic mission, and a proof of income by way of either a salary statement or employment verification letter from your employer. While visiting China may require you to present these documents before entering the country, obtaining them beforehand is helpful. By doing so, foreigners will ensure they will have enough time to complete the process and will be able to avoid being turned down for a visa. The embassy staff may request some items be returned to be scanned and returned with the visa documentation, but many will allow this.

If you are applying for a visa from the Chinese embassy or consulate, there are some additional requirements. Detainment is an option that travelers should explore prior to applying for a visa. For travelers whose passports have been confiscated or those traveling with only a canceled visa, detaining them will be beneficial in preventing further issues while in China. Chinese authorities are known for rounding up travelers attempting to use fake or stolen passports and detaining them can help keep you out of any legal trouble that may arise as a result of using one.

When planning a basic Mandarin/ Cantonese Chinese visa tour, it is helpful to know the dialect of Chinese that will be spoken when traveling to China. Chinese speakers will readily provide this information, but if not, there are numerous websites providing basic Mandarin pronunciation. These sites are also useful resources for learning Mandarin. Basic Mandarin does not always translate to English and using such a site will enable you to ask and receive directions to the correct restaurants, hospitals and tourist facilities. Learning basic Mandarin will also help you plan your trip and have more enjoyable experiences while visiting China.

Travel to China can be a beautiful experience for those who are willing to invest the effort to learn about the country. Because of recent policies concerning foreign travel, travelers should be aware of some of the precautions that are necessary when traveling to China. Individuals interested in learning more about these precautions should consult with their own foreign embassy or consulate to gain access to their consular affairs department.