Travel to China – Know the Restrictions When Visiting China

Travel to China is a fun-filled experience, especially if you know the Chinese people. They are generally nice and do not expect a lot from visitors. In fact many Chinese people work with foreigners as well as Americans in the United States and Canada to help them learn about life in their country. If you want to travel to China, here are some tips to keep in mind to make the most out of your trip.

– Avoid non-essential Travel to China. The PRC has been cracking down on the Chinese community abroad with harsh new restrictions implemented on prostitution and the selling of counterfeit goods. Non-Chinese travelers have found it difficult to acquire work in China due to these new trade barriers. If you plan to visit China, then you may visit during the period when the trade barriers are lifted. There is still a lot to do, but it will definitely be more fun than dealing with the new Chinese government.

– Visas and Tickets Apply for a visa prior to traveling to China is recommended. Holders of a visa waiver or work permit are normally eligible for a visa-free entry into China. Foreign tourists applying for a visa early in the process will also benefit from any discounts that may be available for them. Individuals who have obtained a SIA or Business Orientation Visa or a Chinese Student VISA can enter China without a visa.

– Work Permit Requirements Travelers that is working in China without a work permit are required to have a Chinese partner or a helper for several months. This worker is needed to provide employment and cover expenses for both the Chinese partner and the helper. Without proper documentation, the Chinese authorities could deny the application for a work permit. This could mean prison for the suspect. On a lighter note, these Chinese authorities are known to be very reasonable if the people involved to provide proof of their relationship. Sometimes they even allow two Chinese to work for the same employer.

– Travel Restrictions For foreign nationals working in China without a visa, they will be required to depart for China upon arrival. They will then be required to return through another exit point. These rules are normally applied to people who are on business trips. Visitors who are on vacation will not be permitted to leave the country unless escorted by a senior Chinese official. Foreigners who are currently on business trips will not be able to leave the airport until they have returned home. The reason for this requirement is to ensure that businesses are able to continue operating while they are away.

– Chinese Official Language Fluency Requirements Travelers comes to China for the first time might find it difficult to understand many of the terms used in the Chinese language. This is because many Chinese speakers in the country do not strictly adhere to the rules of the Chinese language when speaking. If travelers encounter difficulty in comprehending or communicating with the locals, it would be advised that they book rooms in local hotels that offer services in the Chinese language.

– Travel Abruptly Another one of the common restrictions imposed by the Chinese government is the banning of travel for citizens of certain nationalities or who have entered the country illegally. This can either be due to immigration violations or for their own protection. For instance, China does not want representatives from a particular nationality to be present during the Great Patriotic War, which happened in 1920. Thus, those Chinese who were in that country at that time were either banned or forced to leave. In the same way, if a border was found through which foreigners are entering the country, they will be forced to leave. In addition, there have been instances where families have been forcibly repatriated after being displaced due to a border or other legal restrictions.

These Chinese Government Regulations and Travel Abstinence Issues are just a few of the many concerns that tourists and expats should take note of when planning to travel to China. Of course, the most important thing to consider is getting a Chinese visa. China has different visa requirements according to tourism type. Those who plan on visiting mostly visit the city of Beijing while expats mostly visit the Yangtse and Tibet areas of the country. The rules and regulations for traveling to China are very strict and travelers who intend on traveling to China should be aware of them.