Travel to China – Is There an Exclusion Policy?

Travel to China is not easy, especially these days. After the recent incidents of Chinese radicals going abroad to carry out attacks, many tourists are now afraid to travel to China. However, while there is a general fear about the possibility of terrorist attacks in China, the reality is that while China has a troubled history, it is also a country with lots to offer its tourists.

China is on high alert right now. The situation will most likely stay tense for at least the next several weeks, with travelers in both the major cities of Beijing and Shanghai being especially wary of their own safety arrangements. The Chinese government has strictly restricted all travel to and from Shanghai and Beijing in the wake of those attacks. There have been further security incursions in Hong Kong and Malaysia as well, with rumors flying about of terrorist infiltrations. Tourists in China should exercise caution while traveling to or within the vast country. It’s best to understand what your Chinese counterparts will be like, and make your own judgments based on what you hear and see.

There was a report that emanated from the south-western Chinese city of Yunnan that has caused alarm among foreigners in China. This report said that two Chinese citizens had hacked into the computer systems at the Taiyuan International Airport in Yunnan and breached into American and Canadian passports. Travelers were warned not to head to China until the necessary security measures had been taken. The international airport in Kunming was also briefly closed due to the incident.

The security situation in China has become so bad that international travelers visiting there need to be aware of certain basic visa restrictions. Visitors coming into China need to be visa-approved before they are allowed to enter the country. Unless they can present a valid passport with a current validity period of six months or more, they will not be permitted to stay in China. If one does arrive in China and cannot present a visa, they will be forced to leave the country and can only exit if they have another valid visa. Visitors are reminded to obtain a visa prior to traveling to China.

As in any country, there are instances when tourists may have difficulty entering or leaving the country because of problems with their visas. These problems may arise for various reasons, including the inability to present an original visa, or for a fraudulent reason. Traveling without proper authorization from the Chinese authorities may result in fines or incarceration. In some cases, foreigners who overstay their welcome period in the country may be detained and returned to their home country.

For those who wish to see the amazing country of China, there is no better way than by travel. Many people see China as just another part of Asia and do not realize that it is a vital trade partner for the United States. China is an important ally in the Middle East and serves as a crucial supplier and manufacturer of everything from automobiles to consumer goods. Because of its importance to the US, the Chinese government places great restrictions on travel to and within its borders. Visitors who violate the restrictions face the possibility of immediate deportation.

For those who have previously been to China, they will know what to expect when attempting to enter the country on an unescorted visa. Visitors will find that entering and exiting China via the airports and tunnels is often very difficult. In addition, even if one does have an exit strategy in place, Chinese authorities may still choose to detain the traveler en route to a holiday destination or to a business meeting.

Travel to China is now relatively easy due to the relaxed entry ban implemented in response to China’s growth as an economic power. However, travelers are advised to be aware of the possibility of an exit ban. Whether a visit is intended to be a one-time trip or a repeat visit, it is important to read all documents related to travel to China before leaving for your vacation. As with any country, China has unique requirements for entry and exit and should be taken into consideration when traveling to China.