Travel to China – Is It Safe?

Travel to China

Travel to China – Is It Safe?

Travel to China can be an adventure for people that love to travel. China is a country that has changed drastically over the past three decades and it offers a lot for any type of traveler. While most people have not thought much about travel to China before, it is becoming an even more popular choice among tourists. In order to experience everything there is to see in China, you will need to be aware of the current Chinese laws and their implications as well as the rights of citizens that are traveling to China.

There are several major events in China that happen each year. The most important one occurring in January is the National Day celebration, which falls on August 4th every year. It is celebrated across the whole country and is considered to be one of the most important holidays in China. Although there are various national celebrations throughout the year, the August celebration is the one that is of greatest interest to American travelers. To make sure that travelers can fully enjoy this event, the Chinese government puts in place various restrictions and amendments to the current laws that they require all foreign nationals to adhere to when visiting China.

The current regulations require that all travelers departing from or entering mainland China, no matter which country, have to abide by the following rules: observe China’s national holiday laws, observe the Chinese national police law, and refrain from activities that might damage China’s unity, security, stability and territorial integrity, among others. There have been many rumors that the Chinese government will be instituting a similar ban across the entire country, but until such time, all traveling within the country is forbidden without a special written approval from the relevant foreign authority. This means that travelers can still travel to China, but the restrictions are far and wide.

Travel to China via Taiwan has also been affected by the new exit ban. Taiwanese citizens who wish to travel to China have to obtain a special permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to leave the country for tourism purposes. This is a basic administrative requirement that has been confirmed cases of individuals violating the exit ban have been several and some have incurred serious criminal offenses, including piracy, drug trafficking and laundering of illegal drugs.

The implementation of the exit ban is actually the most significant measure taken by the Chinese government in recent times. The Chinese State Security Department has also issued a circular that all Chinese citizens are required to adhere to. This circular states that anyone traveling to China must either obtain a Chinese Travel visa or have one before leaving the country. Individuals who fail to comply with these requirements will be punished according to the Chinese state security police. Failure to obey this order could lead to the detention of the traveler.

The procedures applied for those caught illegally traveling to China varies by state. A few states have made it easier for foreign citizens who are accused of crimes to remain in jail while they are investigated by the state law enforcement agencies. Others have made the investigations more complicated, requiring the arrest of the suspect immediately upon suspicion. For many people this means waiting a few days in detention before being able to travel back to their home countries.

Those citizens who are not allowed to leave the country following the implementation of the exit ban face a variety of other problems. Some have been unable to return to their homes because of their inability to leave. Many others have been detained for charges that carry a long period of incarceration, such as “inciting subversion of state security,” “picking up unauthorised goods,” and “breaking the law by traveling outside the country.” While the charges against these individuals may not necessarily carry a long prison sentence, their chances of having their freedom again severely restricted is very high. These citizens may still be allowed to apply for and receive relief from deportation parole, but the time they spend in jail while awaiting trial is likely to be quite long.

The main threat to travelers attempting to travel to China is the likelihood of arrest and seizure by the Chinese authorities, especially if they have money or assets in the form of real estate, stocks, bank accounts or other possessions. While the current exit ban does not apply to citizens of Hong Kong or any other foreign country, it does mean that those intending to visit areas of China that are considered by the Chinese authorities to be off-limits, such as sensitive political issues, will not be able to leave the airport that they are boarding. This means that anyone intending to travel to China for any purpose, and regardless of their ability to enter the country, could become a prisoner in their own country. For this reason, anyone intending to travel to China should take the time to research the current laws regarding entry into the country, as well as the risks they pose to themselves and to the safety of their family.