Travel to China – Is it Possible That You Cannot Travel to China During the Chinese New Year Holiday?

The new entry ban and exit ban that have recently been put into place by the Chinese government will certainly have a huge impact on the number of travelers that are able to travel to China. For many, this ban has caused a serious decrease in traveling to China. Many people look at the exit and entry ban as a measure that is being implemented in response to the growing number of Chinese citizens that are traveling abroad. However, there are many more benefits for traveling to China than just the relaxation of mind. There are also many affordable accommodations that can be found for travelling to China for business purposes or pleasure.

Travel to China

Recently, China’s Ministry of Foreign affairs issued an announcement regarding the implementation of new visa requirements and exit rules. These new restrictions were imposed in response to the international terrorism that has been prevalent in China over the years. The current government clampdown is believed to have resulted in a substantial decrease in the number of visitors that were either refused admittance or allowed to enter China due to reasons that stemmed from these types of past problems.

The restrictions that are currently in place will affect all travelers wishing to travel to China regardless of their nationality or immigration status. For foreigners wishing to travel to China on tourist visas, they will now be required to stay at any of the over 4500 Chinese cities that are part of the Fujian Province. For citizens of other countries with visiting visas, there will be a limit to the cities that they can visit. These limits will not be as stringent as those put in place by the former government. However, it is important to note that these restrictions will only be enforced until further notice.

There are a number of different reasons that these current visa restrictions were implemented. One of the main reasons is to stem the illegal flow of labor across the country. China is one of the most popular places for tourists from the United Kingdom. Many of these tourists come to work in China and would face the risks of being subjected to any labor laws violations. By stopping visitors from freely traveling to and from the country, the Chinese government can prevent illegal working forces from coming to the country.

Another reason for the recent implementation of these Visa Waiver rules is to protect the general health care system in China. The healthcare system in China is extremely outdated and has developed significant flaws over the years. The introduction of visa controls was done in an effort to prevent the spread of contagious diseases among foreign nationals who are travelling to China. By restricting travel to a certain number of days prior to the travel date, the system ensures that any illnesses that could be contracted in the country can be prevented. This will help reduce the risk of spreading diseases and create stronger borders against other bacteria that may be carrying viruses.

On a related note, the current Chinese government has implemented a similar policy with regard to flights to and from Hong Kong. There have been reports in the past few years of thousands of cancellations and delayed flights to China due to the new rules regarding Hong Kong flights by the local Chinese government. In July 2021, the State Council for Higher Education placed a temporary ban on flights to and from Hong Kong, saying that the influx of tourists from the former British colony was damaging to the Hong Kong economy. According to the announcement, the move was made in an effort to protect the interests of the Hong Kong people, who were complaining that there was a high influx of Chinese tourists that would take up jobs that local citizens had to fill. The State Council for Higher Education later lifted the ban, however, after many complaints were filed against the original decision by the government.

The latest development regarding China travel restrictions comes at a time when the Chinese government is expanding its global ambitions. Chinese President Hu Jintao is traveling around the globe to meet with leaders from various countries and is urging more globalization and economic diplomacy. As China seeks to project itself as an important world power, it needs to expand and take advantage of the international market. Many countries, including the UK, have indicated that they are open to such negotiations, considering that China’s expansionary strategy may bring about greater economic benefits for both countries. Therefore, it would be logical for the authorities in China to find a way to allow more travelers to reach their destinations.

The State Council for International Relations, which is responsible for extending China’s trade agreements to other countries, did not immediately release a statement regarding the Chinese government’s announcement on flights being banned from coming into Hong Kong following a report by the state-run China Daily newspaper that the People’s Republic of China was implementing an entry ban on any foreign nationals traveling to China. However, the statement issued late last week by the PRC’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the ban will last until the end of the Chinese New Year holidays in February next. It is not clear whether this ban would apply to all flights to or from Hong Kong. The Chinese government has yet to announce any details of the plan to implement an entry ban on any foreign nationals coming to China during the Chinese New Year holiday.