Travel to China – Information on Chinese Visa Requirements

Travel to China is subject to exit controls. You need a visa to travel to China. There are no passport stamps to get. Foreign nationals travelling to China for emergencies will usually be able to apply for visas on arrival at the Chinese embassy/ consulate or overseas consulate with temporary visas approved after 3 November 2021. However, non-nationals travelling to China for tourism or business reasons will not be able to apply for a visa and must leave the country according to their own plans.

Travel to China

In practice, this means you must exit from the airport when you arrive in China or leave the airport at your destination and return via another exit or via another mode of entry. The same applies to crossing the border into China from an international airport. There are numerous routes to take through the country. A person staying in a visa free China with an international traveling card can travel to most places in China without the need for a visa. However, there are some routes where you may need to apply for a visa.

Most foreigners staying in China without a visa will be required to pass through China’s State Security Services or the Ministry of Transport Security and inspection at the airport or railway station prior to leaving the airport. They will be screened for any prohibited items such as drugs, weapons and explosives. These items are routinely detected during a pre-travel security inspection. These inspections of passengers also help the state security services to identify and report any possible threats and dangers that a foreigner may not know about until they arrive at their intended destination.

There are multiple types of Chinese visa types. The three most common are the local travel document visa, foreign national travel document, and overseas Chinese entry visa. The first two categories require a foreigner to apply for a local visa upon arrival in China or upon making their initial departure from China. Foreign nationals who are eligible to apply for the local visa will receive a five-year renewable pass which can then be extended to forty years if the foreigner is a Chinese national or a citizen of Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan or any other Chinese territory. If you are a foreigner with a permanent residence in China and want to travel outside of the country, you will still be required to apply for a local visa.

The third category, the overseas Chinese entry permit, allows foreign nationals to enter China without the need for a local visa. However, this type of visa is only available to people with an electronic transfer arrangement between China and the foreign nationals’ point of entry. This means that a person cannot move from China to another country without first presenting the Chinese quarantine certificate. Only citizens of certain foreign countries can use this type of pass without the requirement of a Chinese quarantine document. There are two types of passes: the economic class pass and the special traveling class pass. The first type of pass is usually valid for one year and the latter type of pass is valid for a forty-year period.

Each time you travel to China, it is necessary to present your original passport. You may also need to present a valid flight receipt and confirmation of travel insurance if your trip includes a cruise. Chinese quarantine authorities check foreign travelers’ passports upon arrival in China. If you do not have one of these documents, you may still be required to undergo a medical examination. It is also advised that you bring malaria tablets when travelling to China during the wet seasons.

If you are from the U.S., you can visit the U.S. embassy in Beijing before travelling to China to get more information on the local requirements. There are several travel companies that offer services to the Chinese tourists who need information about obtaining a Chinese exit ban or local quarantine card. You can contact these companies through the phone or via the internet for further travel advice.

As an international visitor, you must comply with all the customs and immigration requirements of China. You can obtain Chinese visas by visiting the embassy of China or through the local Chinese consulate. You must apply for a Chinese visa early to allow time to prepare for your Chinese visa interview. To obtain an appointment with the Chinese consul, you can drop by the Chinese embassy either on your arrival or departure. In some cases, the Chinese embassy will arrange for an interview with you either on arrival or departure day.