Travel to China – How to Make the Transition Easier

Are you planning to travel to China? Are you scared about your next trip? China is one of the most interesting countries, but with its many risks, as well as opportunities. If you are travelling to China, updates and travel advice to give you valuable information and practical advice. Security issues are a major concern in China. Therefore advise you not to go to areas where the likelihood of theft or violence is high.

Travel to China can be difficult due to Chinese policies that restrict foreign nationals from many parts of the country. For example, all foreigners are forbidden to enter Beijing, as China limits their access to the city by nationalizing portions of the capital. In addition, all foreigners are forbidden from visiting Tibet and other regions that have been dominated by the Chinese for decades. Travel to China can be very difficult for those who fall into these categories.

On 9th January 2021, China lifted a travel advisory that had been in place since 1999. The advisory restricted travel to China for citizens of selected countries. This was immediately after several deadly attacks by Chinese citizens on foreign tourists. These citizens were carrying out “self-checks” when entering or exiting China and authorities suspected that this could be an increase in terrorist activities.

Recently, the government relaxed some restrictive measures. These measures were put into place as a response to the attacks in July, which left tourists dead and thousands injured. These restrictions are effective January 1st, 2021. There are still some restrictions that apply to all citizens of China, not just those travelling abroad.

There have been no changes to the current Chinese immigration policy and some foreigners get stopped at the airport while travelling to China. This is due to inspections that the Chinese state-owned airline carried out. The inspections primarily focused on security at airports but some also included random checks of passengers’ electronic devices. Although there were no reports of passengers being detained for any security-related reasons during the period of the travel ban, the implementation will surely cause passengers to be more vigilant when travelling.

Some tourists may still be affected by the travel restriction imposed on 7th July. While Chinese authorities released details of the new measures they will implement, they did not mention whether travelers originating in certain countries will face restrictions. This may mean that tourists heading to China will have to get a visa before travelling. This is especially the case for those traveling to Hong Kong and Taiwan – which are both technically Chinese autonomous regions. While visa requirements will vary between the two, travellers should expect to pay additional fees to get a visa for Hong Kong or Tai Chi Taiwan.

Some travelers have reported difficulties applying for a visa to China. The reasons for this are unclear, but it is possible that China’s Ministry of Foreign affairs issued a clarification on 7th July that clarified that all citizens of the People’s Republic of China have the right to enter China regardless of their nationality or whether they are travelling to China for the first time or not. This makes getting a visa much more difficult for foreigners wishing to travel to China. However, there is no confirmation from the Chinese authorities that this change will apply to those travelling to Hong Kong and Macau.

Given the current situation, and the risk of arrest and detention if one oversteps the border, travelling to China should be approached with caution. Despite the best efforts of the Chinese authorities, there is still a risk of encountering citizens travelling in China who have travelled the wrong way, or who have overstayed their visas. At the very least, any citizens travelling to China should take care to apply for a visa well in advance of their travel date. They should also make sure that their flights to China are booked well in advance to avoid the possibility of a penalty being placed on their visa. In addition, they should always remember to carry proof of onward travel confirmation when travelling outside China to avoid the risk of penalties.